$1 million bond set for Jacksonville mom after her daughter's remains were believed to have been fou

A few week after 5-year-old Taylor Williams was reported lacking, her mom, 27-year-old Brianna Williams, was arrested and charged. https://bit.ly/3741ktE

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  • She shouldn't have had a bond she's not fooling me just sad 😭 what happened to this beautiful baby girl and they trace that cellphone and found that body the is the person who murdered this child and I don't care about her condition she's been going to court and she doesn't even seem to be concerned what an evil person .

  • Lord work in mysterious way so by nature look what that cat dragged at least close to home… some humans who care bout this precious child more than hur own know what to pray for now RIP precious Lamb by the most high Grace dear sweet face bay bay girl remains were recovered…

  • All of this extreme, widespread child abuse could be prevented by taking one little pill every day…..STOP HAVING BABIES YOU ARE INCAPABLE OF CARING FOR!

  • Poor Sweet Darling Angel from God, RIP Darling Angel ⚘❤🎈
    It Also Very Well Could Possibly be that, it Made her So Distraught Finding Out her Baby Was For Sure Deceased that, She Wanted to be with her in HEAVEN and tried to take her Own Life.
    I Know, I Could NEVER LIVE WITHOUT MY CHILD FOR SURE. There would be Nothing Left To Live For.
    We All Live for Our Children, and if that's the Only One you have then, ????
    Idk the Circumstances of this story though at All !! I just pray a Mother Wouldn't be Responsible for Something So AWFUL !!

  • This is happening way too much across the country. God has that sweet child in His arms and she will never be hurt again.

  • If this woman didn't want her daughter there were ways to make that happen. There are so many families wanting a baby a child wanting to love and care for but can't have one of their own for whatever reason… here is a person who was blessed enough to give life to a beautiful baby girl and took it for granted. This person will get the punishment she has gained and earned for herself. This person is a shame to the human race. This angel is in heaven being loved by the Almighty God.

  • She wasn’t trying to die. Look I always say those that really want to die- know how to do it…. they now how to take themselves out

  • How was a bond set and the mother is still in a coma ? Another thing they are still investigating to see if this remains belong to the child .

  • I hope the most high don’t take her out and let her off that easy..because she need to own up and give answers for that precious baby girl she definitely did not ask to be here!!!😔🙏🏾

  • I hope the mother doesnt die so she can confess what happened to that baby and everyone involved rota and jail and the baby gets justice.

    And then the mother can die

  • A million dollars for a disturbed young woman’s bond, but only $5000 for a wealthy man who is grooming children for sex!?

  • The photo they are using looks altered then when they used same photo with graphics looked even more altered.Is this even the mother of this poor child?If someone knows please respond.

  • That woman tried to kill herself to keep from going to jail . She pulled one of the most oldest tricks in the book.

  • Thank you for your continued coverage on this sad case! It’s so crazy that the mother has been charged, is on life-support with a $1 million bond and she’s not even in jail yet or nobody knows if she’s even going to survive. It’s just very strange! I hope she does survive so she could pay for this horrible crime

    Her cell phone pinged in that area sometime within the last two weeks



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