10 Places in Florida You Should NEVER Move To

Transfer to those locations and also you’re gonna remorse it huge time!

Florida! A sunny state for shady individuals. It’s an enormous combine right here – outdated individuals, common individuals, meth heads, hispanics, actually wealthy white individuals, poor black individuals and each single kind of redneck you’ll be able to consider. Due to the climate, it’s one of many major locations for Individuals. However as a result of PEOPLE right here, it’s one of many worst locations you’ll be able to transfer.

No, that’s imply. There’s loads of good people in Florida. Kinda?

However, the place are the more severe locations you’ll be able to dwell in Florida? Many individuals will say there isn’t a GOOD place in Florida to dwell anymore nowadays. However now we have to choose the worst ten. Which was SUPER laborious.

We’re going to make use of statistics, knowledge and suggestions from YOU PEOPLE in Florida for the rankings. Keep tuned as we undergo, one after the other, the worst locations to dwell in Florida. And no, in every single place is just not considered one of them.

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what number of counties are in jacksonville fl

Nick Johnson


  • Nailed it! Agree with this list! Used to be sad, Palatka is becoming a Jax suburb, so has gotten less agricultural (read transient labor and all those problems) and more connected and developed…

  • #1 Disneyworld
    Come for the Wokeness
    Stay for the LGBTQ characters in anime.

  • I recently moved to Florida from New York. Why did I have two deliveries in PAMPANO BEACH today? It felt like a set up upon arrival, Once I seen the bars on the corner store windows and dudes with hoodies in the 85 degree weather, more than average people walking around thats when I knew it was about to be real.

  • Jville is a blunt speaking city. Yeah some places have over priced average at best food. But top ten worst cities na. And yes I have lived all over Florida my entire 50+ years of life. Sadly nice areas of Florida are overpriced.

  • Florida ranks 3rd in the nation with the highest firearm mortalities, 3rd in the nation with the highest non-firearm homicides, and 3rd in the nation for property theft:

    Firearm mortalities (2020)

    1. Texas 4,164

    2. California 3,449

    3. Florida 3,041 ⬅

    4. Georgia 1,897

    5. Ohio 1,764

    All of the panhandle states (except for WY and MO) reported the highest deaths rates per 100K in the nation (2020)

    1. Mississippi 28.6

    2. Louisiana 26.3

    3. Wyoming 25.9

    4. Missouri 23.9

    5. Alabama 23.6


    29. Florida 13.7 ⬅

    Homicide (2020)

    1. California 2,368

    2. Texas 2,212

    3. Florida 1,530 ⬅

    States with highest reported robbery per 100K

    1. New Mexico 887.3

    2. Arkansas 835.7

    3. Louisiana 824.5

    4. Alabama 819.0

    5. Mississippi 813.3

    6. North Carolina 798.2

    7. Washington 783.0

    8. Nevada 772.3

    9. Oklahoma 760.9

    10. South Carolina 759.9

    11. Georgia 756.9

    12. Florida 719.9 ⬅

    City with highest rate of reported robbery per 100K

    1. Florida City, FL 558.1 ⬅

    2. Emeryville, CA 527.3

    3. College Park, GA 473.6

  • Live in Pasco, and it really varies a lot by area. My elementary school in shady hills was eh, middle school in spring hill was amazing (spring hill tends to be nicer), and my highschool in hudson was nightmarish- I mean "there might be asbestos in the walls" nightmarish, "testing out new programs on the poor kids because their grades don't matter" nightmarish, "protesters lined up outside as a result of cafeteria overcrowding where students had to sit on the tables and floor" nightmarish.

    What's awful is it's impossible for locals to purchase a house now, a bunch of snowbirds came in because it's near Tampa and raised house prices by at least double the initial amount. Some are hoping their presence will lead to more taxes and better facilities as a result, others are waiting for the foreclosures to roll in so they can afford property.

  • He says White ghetto like there's white ghettos everywhere, they literally make up less than 1% of the entire population let's not be ridiculous bud. Yes I'm making it racial, you doubt me? I got the stats homes.

  • Growing up and spending 48 years in Georgia…Fla was our vacation spot…and for only one week out of the year it seems like paradise… moved here 5 years ago, and whoa… there are things they just do NOT put in the travel brochure. Not sure if it's just Floridians, or the fact that most people are not actually from here and it's a melting pot, but man…some of the things you see on a daily basis is staggering. You'll be surprised what you can become numb to. I've been all up and down Florida's East coast, it has it's highlights, but a street over from anywhere (Yes, I even saw zombies in Boca too) will put you in the "bad side" Pan handlers EVERYWHERE, prostitutes in small cites, Meth Zombies walking around all over…and NOBODY seems to want to stop at red lights!! At least once a day, I'll say…"Welcome to Florida"

  • Jacksonville sounds like Nashville Tennessee only here the weather isn't as good at least Jacksonville has warmer weather I will be a resident of ft Lauderdale soon I hope

  • I have lived in South Florida since 1956, it used to be great but all the slime moved here in 1972 , then it went to Hell.

  • Over town is also called the OT aka outta time aka murder death kill like Simon Phenix was there with demolition man

  • All I can say is one visit to the Jacksonville bus station will confirm any fears you could dream of.

  • Do more home work Miami Gardens have incorporated Carol-city because of the Casino also hard Rock stadium they don't want visitors to know. M.G. is divided north south east west



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