1366×768 vs 1600×900 vs 1920×1080 The Division on different settings for Med-End PC


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Comparasion done on Lenovo IdeaPad Y580. FPS of all settings is about 30.

How to overclock your laptop GPU:

How to fix low FPS on laptop:

1920×1080 – LOWEST
1600×900 – MEDIUM
1366×768 – CUSTOM (better than MEDIUM)

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Full HD Display (1920×1080), Intel Core I7 3610QM (2300 – 3300 MHz), 8GB RAM 1600 MHz, 750GB + 1TB HDD (5400 rpm), SSD 64GB. Geforce GTX 660M 2GB.

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  1. im choosing a laptop that has a 1366×768 but i want the higher res but they both have 64 bits and 8gb ram, but the other has 1600×900 does this one slow down the fps and make the games more laggy such as minecraft.


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