15 Best Games In Dreams You Need To Experience


Media Molecule have made something truly special with Dreams. It offers an unbelievably vast array of creation options, using which you can create everything from sidescrolling platformers to full-fledged open world games, from music to animated films. And best of all, in spite of being so huge and in spite of offering incredibly granular control over all its tools to players, it manages to be extremely fun, easy to use, and very accessible. 

So of course, using those tools, Dreams players have already created a ton of awesome stuff, and like many of you, we’ve been spending a lot of time playing through tons of these. In this feature, we’ll be talking about a few of them best user-created games we’ve come across in Dreams so far.

So let’s get started right away.

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  1. That one person who doesn't know that Dreams is a game, and isn't an actual dream is probably like, "What the hell is the point of a video-game idea someone has being the best? how do you judge it?"

  2. This game seems incredibly underrated.. really, really unique. This could be the future of video games. May check it out since it's on sale psn

  3. After lots of inspiration form you guys started my dream channel on gamedev show me some love please 🙂

  4. This reminds me of the original Starcraft multiplayer. The level creator was so in depth you could make totally different games. In fact DOTA which stemmed from a WOW RTS actually got their idea from a level in Starcraft first.

  5. I have to ask! are these actually games? like, does society consider them as such? is using dreams considered just using a game engine, even though it's not just for development, but also for play?
    are we going to start seeing the next big triple As somehow fitted into this tiny game? or is it like other sandbox games, where it's like "yeah, you can make games, but they're not considered actual games and if you used an actual engine you could do more"?

  6. PT scared the life out of me. Loved it. I've never felt so tense while playing a game, but that just creeped me out, esp' early on when I was clueless.

  7. Oh mah GOD I’d love to have this!! For some reason, there’s not many games that really appeal to me, so I’d love to make my own!

  8. If you're somebody who wanted to get into game design, but never was lucky to find a course that's available, affordable, in your home town, or you lack the money/resources/technology to do such a thing, only to now be able to go as far as create almost anything you ever wanted in gaming, by your own rules and not under the dreams of another company…

    And you're crying like a bitch right now, the same way I currently am because some semblance of your dream is coming true…

    Raise your GAWD DAYAMN HANDS right now!

  9. You missed the dreams Avater Game this guy is designing and sharing his process on YouTube – https://youtu.be/En1AUJI2t0E

  10. #3 is based on a game that has been on sale multiple years on PSN for usually $15.
    This video claims its an original idea, but its not. Gaming Bolt just never heard of the original game.


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