2018 Honda Gold Wing Tour Review | First Ride


The Gold Wing hasn’t seen a major update since 2001, so for the last 17 years long-haulers have been making due with the same land-yacht of a luxury tourer. For 2018 the G-Wing is new from the group up, and the list of updates and improvements is vast. For a detailed account of the technical bits we’d recommend reading this story ( and you can get an in-depth review of the bike’s comfort and passenger accommodations here ( but if all you’re after an efficient way to absorb the salient details of this new model, then this video is for you.

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  1. How very cool, attractive and exciting … If I had the money I would have bought it from you … I love Honda and I respect everything you make

  2. (unpopular opinion) American bike riders don't want motorcycles, they wan't 2 wheel cars. how does this elaborate structure qualify as a bike?

  3. My God:may i have it .i love it very nice thang frome all of made it. I have allwase see in dream all night

  4. Lovely Bike , if I had the money that'll be the bike of my choice , I've always wanted to own along with the Ford Capri.

  5. First thing yr going to notice is that Honda Engineers are too dam stupid to design a trunk that holds 2 full faced helmets sitting upright side by side !!!


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