5 Lies New Home Builders Are Telling You!

New house builders are mendacity to house patrons. As the house shopping for season has come into full swing we’re listening to extra tales of grasping house builders that demanding more cash, doing shoddy work and leaving main loopholes in new development contracts that solely shield the builder and never the house purchaser. On this video, we go over among the largest lies house builders are telling you and we cowl how one can construct a house all by your self!

5 Big Lies About Tiny Houses: https://youtu.be/Nbfq2ZvlfbQ
The 5 Greatest Lies About Modular Houses: https://youtu.be/IEEY3GbOy6M

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  • Texas is a mess. Who remembers the Savings and Loan disaster that crushed the housing market there in the late 80's? Another crash is coming to Texas, so kick back, pop open a 6-pack, turn on the Cowboys game, and wait for the fun to begin.

  • Problem is not all ppl make well-calculated decisions, because calculation and research are exhausting. You’ll find ppl crying “I don’t care about this or that. just tell me how much more per month!”… That had enabled a lot of bad builders and contractors.

  • Buying a house now is plane foolishness, they are what are called FOMO,S ( fear of missing out) they have drank the cool aid, in the near future these property's will cost half the price. A crash is coming.

  • HB same as a used car salesman unless you find a gem. Protect yourself. Find a reputable smaller builder. Trouble is now it's extremely hard find.

  • You're right about the upgrades. I compared the builders price with Home Depot's price for the exact same items and the Home Depot was almost half the price the builder was charging. This was for the same make and model. For example $1200 for all upgraded interior door handles. Home Depot had those exact same door handles for $25 each. I didn't look up everything, but after looking at about 5 different items and saw the builder was significantly overcharging I standardized everything with their design center. I will enjoy doing those home projects myself.

  • Of coarse if the buyers had hired a ( realtor ) all the problems would come to an end.
    Realtors on the other hand never lie. lol

  • Also realize half the cost in a build is finishing. So if your on a budget move in with subfloor. Get a temp sink tub and put a bed in a room. Pretty cheap and just chip away one step at a time and you will appreciate everything. Also you won’t skim over anything because your functionality will be daily struggles

  • Hey anyone listening. If your doing a new build go to an area outside the cities or inner city warehousing and go in an ask for clearance stuff. Piece together a kitchen and two bathrooms worth of fixtures. Get cabinets tables chairs trim can all be found at a discount. Remember you can buy blue trim cause your going to paint it anyways. 😉

  • Love all the negative comments from people who just talk for a living or peck at a computer. These people couldn't build a bird house yet love to spew negativity for some views! Not saying all contractors don't make mistakes but walk in their shoes before you open your yapper!

  • Never work with Ryan Homes! They kept my deposit and resold my home during construction. Garbage company!

  • Americans are living in the worst of all circumstances, everyone is trying to rip them off, everything is built down to the cheapest price with the worst materials and as many shortcuts as possible. These aren’t houses, they are big sheds, built to last to the end of the warranty and no more.

  • I work for one of the largest home builders in the US. The upcharges on fixtures and appliances is insanity.

  • I had a contractor I regret so bad Chris tabor gulf south homes our home was 256.000 and it was made so bad inside I wish I could go back my cabinets are ruined backsplash and my counter tops and flooring is horrible !!!

  • ⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐Outstanding Information Our New Construction Home our Journey started July 2021 New Home on a delay move in Date Feb 7, 2022 to April 15, 2022 prices have skyrocket.

  • so you think material mark up is a lie? you think a home builder sells material at cost for goodwill? its a buiness. material mark up is common and if your contractor is not doing it then hes an idiot. they tried to sell you a quality tube that they stood behind, but you chose to go with a much cheaper tub then blame them because the cheap quality showed right away? you sound like a nightmare client that all contractors would want to avoid



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