5 Reasons You Might Hate Living In Jacksonville FL

5 Causes You Would possibly Hate Residing in Jacksonville FL

Are you occupied with transferring to Jacksonville FL however can’t determine! You NEED to look at this video! Residing in Jacksonville has its ups and it’s downs, and I wish to fill you in on the highest causes you could possibly hate it right here. On the finish of the day… or the video, I hope I haven’t scared you off, as a result of I like residing in Jacksonville, regardless of it’s small flaws, and I feel you’ll too!

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I am a full time Realtor® in Jacksonville, Florida. I am a previous highschool trainer that loves all issues associated to studying and instructing others. I am keen about actual property, Sunday brunch, and the Georgia Bulldogs! #SicEm

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  • I just visited and I was shocked at how enormous the city was..it feels more like 8 cities. Hard to feel a sense of community

  • I live in Texas, 84 degrees in not hot it's perfect weather……we get 95 – 100 degree days

  • How’s it now after two years? Any better? What’re the good n safe areas we can live in if we’re moving there?

  • Can anyone help me? I'm relocating to Jax or any place no more than 1hr away.. I am looking for a 2br 2ba apartment home with an attached garage. I live in the Midwest. We have these apartment homes but I can't find this in Jax or nearby cities. Maybe any of you all may know something?🤔 I'm moving in March which is right around the corner and still can't find this😨

  • Traffic isn't that bad there. Coming from North Jersey, that NYC worker traffic is enough to make you want to drive your car into the Hudson River. Also, the cost of living is a lot better. For example, a 4 bedroom home in a subdivision in NJ will run you about 900k to 1.3 mil. In Jax depending on what part your in it can be anywhere from 350k to 600k. Finally one last thing the Jaguars suck! NY Giants/Jets 4L.

  • I lived there for most of my life (would love to move back if I could) and when it comes to the distance, you're not bound to a small area just because you don't have a car. I have traveled from Cecil Commerce Center all the way to Jax Beach and from JIA all the way down to OP Mall just by using JTA alone. So obviously, not having a car doesn't bind you to 1 section of town which is how your explanation makes it sound. It just slows things down. A trip that might take 30 mins in a car would take an hour and a half on a bus if you're lucky lol. That's how long it took me to get from the Northside (about 5 mins driving distance from Trout River) to the beach when I went by bus. But to reinforce what you said about traveling by bus, it DOES take planning and patience. LOTS OF IT. I still love the 904 though. With it's many faults, I do still miss it and hope to move back one day.

  • Number 6 the Police its easier to go to jail in Jacksonville then any other big city i lived in


  • GANG VIOLENCE!!!You forgot about the gang violence,I don't know how you missed it.This place is a damn warzone.I've been dodging bullets in this city for as long as I can remember.And not all of them missed.I got a hole blasted in my left calf when I was 15 and when I was 17 a bullet ricocheted of the sidewalk and a bullet fragment is still lodged in my butt cheek.She must live in a rich area like San Marco or Ortega,sheltered from the violent realities of this city.

  • Shooting, gangs, violence. I mean there is literally a YouTube channel dedicated to the rival gangs in Jacksonville. There are a lot of good thing about it though. Ships and bars at the beach are awesome. Outdoor sports.

  • #6 people drive like they are in a NASCAR race #7 you constantly worry about being shot at by some random person for no reason.

  • Here's the real deal on living here in Jacksonville (I've been here almost 30 yrs now). 1) Yes, it is super hot here (but only from June through October). The other 7 months it's actually quite nice, with just enough of a winter to run the fire place 5 or 10 times. 2) Traffic here can be bad at times, but it's better than any of the other big cities in Florida and a heck of a lot better than Atlanta or LA. My drive from the suburbs to downtown is about 35 minutes each morning. If you live at the beach or St. Johns County (two of the most popular areas) your drive would be more like 45 to 60 minutes. 3) Crime – we do have a high crime rate, but like most big cities there are good areas and bad areas. Live in a good area, and it won't be any worse than other big cities. 4) Things to do – if you like boating and fishing, this is the place for you. Plus, tons of restaurants, lots of festivals, plenty of golf courses, lots of miles of beach, St. Augustine is 25 minutes to the south, the St. Johns Town Center is one of the premier shopping venues in the state and you can be at Disney World in 2 hours. 5) Politics – tends to run conservative here, gun stores and shooting ranges abound, and plenty of conservative talk radio to listen to. 6) Places to live – many, many choices. There has been a huge construction boom here over the last 20 years, creating many new and modern communities to live in. There are also older areas (San Marco, Riverside, etc). that have very nice and well maintained historic homes. You can live at the beach, downtown, in the suburbs, out in the boonies, it's up to you. 7) Cost – unfortunately, we are not the bargain we used to be, although a house can still be had here for 1/3rd to 1/2 of what they cost in the Northeast or West Coast. Just a few years ago, a nice house could be bought for $300,000. Probably more like $400,000 to $600,000 these days. Still, no state income tax here in Florida and property taxes run about average (think 1% of the value of your house per year). No personal property tax here either. 8) Sports – we have an NFL team (the Jaguars), get the Florida/Georgia game every year and have semi-pro hockey and baseball. 9) Negatives – summers are brutally hot, much of the downtown area is under-developed, this is not a bicycle friendly city, public transportation is poor (basically, we only have buses), the fine arts and culture do exist here, but not at the level of other big cities.

  • I hope to fly out there in May to check out the trucking terminal that I might want to transfer too. The other places I could seek are also in Tampa, Orlando to name a a few. Hopefully things will go well when I come and visit.

  • 875 square miles? Oh so you mean it’s 30 miles long on a side or less? Great video though, appreciate your honesty.

  • Planning to move to Jax. Been wanting Tampa for a long time but doesnt seem like a good fit for a young family. How bad is the flooding in Jacksonville?

  • One time, in Jacksonville… I worked at a country club… the cook dropped a fry and re-plated it. The cooks were very goofyly funny in the kitchen. I washed dishes. I like clean dishes.

  • i like to new medium for realtors. i have been watching another agent in the norfolk va area. instead of me actually taking time out to do some digging myself, i can rely on local agents. i plan on moving out of MA in the future…some place warm, but not too warm. 2 compliments from the your videos i've seen so far…you sound a lot like amanda bynes….not the drugged out one, the original one! also, with your voice and facial antics, you would make a great grade school teacher for little kids. 🙂



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