An introduction to Atelier


CC is available if you can’t decipher my mumbling.
It’s been a while since I put out a long video that’s actually scripted so hopefully this is entertaining, and hopefully you’ll be interested in trying this series out!
Seriously, please do!
Even if you’re just a little bit interested!
I’m serious I don’t want these games to die p l e a s e

▶️ Atelier Lydie & Suelle OST
▶️ Atelier Firis OST

intro and outro music by Aether

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  1. I got into the series because I played the game intro song for Ayesha (Hanashirube) in a rhythm game. Boom. Instantly fell in love with the song and went on to get the entirety of the Dusk trilogy… I'm weak towards comfy songs and cute art. That was just a couple months ago and I completed all three during quarantine, blind playthroughs and all.

    I have to admit, though, that the moment I learned there was a time management system, it triggered my PTSD from playing Lightning Returns years prior. I somehow managed to power through, thankfully, because the games were at least more worth playing than LR.
    After watching this video, I may as well get into the Mysterious trilogy next. Thanks for the video, too! Subscribed

  2. Rewatching this after the video you posted today on Atelier Ryza. I think the two go well together.
    I really wish I could hit that Like button multiple times. Not just on this one, but on of all your videos. You really are wonderfully talented and your content is a joy to watch.

  3. Hi! Just wanted to leave a thank you note for the work that went into this video. It was super well made and so engaging and informative. Thank you so much for the explanation of these series. I just started with Shallie! Subbed 🙂

  4. This was a very informative video! I found this cause I found Atelier Lulua (the newest game currently) on GameFly and wanted to find out more about it. Thank you for explaining everything so thoroughly!

  5. Sure you can start with the Atelier games

    Or you can just go straight to Kamidori

  6. I'm ashamed to admit I'm just now hearing about this series. I saw a few different installments on ps3/ps4 and thought they looked very interesting. Thought about adding the majority of these to my collection. Thanks. This was very informative.

  7. Not sure if you've heard, but the PS2 version of Marie + Elie has a fan translation. Still no such luck for Lilie, Judie or Viorate.

  8. I remember playing the Mana Khemia games on PS2 lol. At the time I had no idea those two games were a part of it

  9. Damn, woman, I am totally infatuated with this soft voice and this particular tone of yours. Although I wanted to try the Atelier series because I want to collect JRPGs, but this vid totally sold them. Also, the way you pronounce those Japanese-esque names (Rorona, Meruru etc) is totally natural like a native. Keep up the good work!

  10. i have played the iris trilogy and i liked very much, but i realy. Then i tried to play Atelier Rorona and… disliked. Is there another Atelier series who brings the same feeling of Iris?

  11. Greate video!!! By the way, what do you think about the combat? do you think alchemy really matters on battle?

  12. Thanks for the video, but I am still unsure of which game to pick as my first. I'd like one which is light on the combat and lets you do whatever you want and also feels cosy. ._. I'll be grateful for any hints~

  13. I really enjoyed the more adventure classic jrpg. Atelier iris and Mana Khemia had everything I wanted. I loved the balance of whimsy, seriousness and combat systems

  14. thanks !!! i want to start on this franchise and i don't know where to start with
    this vídeo is very helpfull 🙂

  15. For Christmas last year, I was looking for a new game to get into and I found Atelier Ryza. I continusly played it for the rest of the break and stumbled upon these videos. Best decision of my life.

  16. 19 games!?!?! Are all of them sold in US? I'm a fan of the series, but I know there's about 9 games? Going back to Atelier Iris: Eternal Mana? 19 wow… Sounds like more quantity than quality since most of the games are themed the same anyway.

  17. This was s uch a good introduction to the streengths of each game in the series. I've been seeing several of these games pop up on the switch and I had never heard of the series, but they looked like exactly the kind of aesthetic I wanted to play, so I thought I'd try one of them out. Probably going to start with the dusk trilogy, then if I want to play more, Lydia and Suelle, then Ryza.

  18. help, need time stamps and the titles of the games while you talk about them. Im trying to figure out which one I want to try out, but it becomes confusing with so many titles.
    A nice chart that keeps track of what the games have as mechanics and focus points would also been nice.

    After my past attemp at playing an Atelier in JP, on an emulator around 10 years ago and getting wrecked by the time mechanics, I think im gonna start with Sophie.

  19. Thank you for introducing me to atelier! Ive finally tried out rorona and Im in love with the game and excited to try out the rest of the series!


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