AWESOME CUSTOM MAP! (Sapa) | Rising Storm 2: Vietnam Gameplay


In this video we are taking a look at yet another awesome custom map for RS2: Sapa! Definitely one of the more unique looking maps w/ some awesome interiors and perfect nighttime lighting. We have some intense battles throughout the entire map! Enjoy 😀

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Rising Storm 2: VIETNAM is the sequel to PC Gamer’s ‘Multiplayer Game of the Year’ and brings the authenticity of the Red Orchestra series to the Vietnam War.

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  1. Bruh how are you so unintetionaly funny? Like simplest what can make me laugh, theres something about your energy that makes me feel much better man.

    I'm really happy that I found you man keep growing champ!

  2. how u get in this servers? I have the game but there are no servers such like that how to get all the servers in the world?

  3. Generally, VC guys love so much setting some booby trap in the underground tunnel in the Vietnam war and many US soldiers got seriously wounded or death by that fucking trap.
    Therefore this game's boobie trap was so realistic and so deadly to the US side. And M16's rapid firepower stronger than AK47's fire in the real functional operating, but this game set wasn't considered those aspects.
    You know Soviet Russia captured M16 via this Vietnam war from NVA's help and they so impressed by M16's 5.56mm high rapid firing in some test shooting so they can be developed AK74 that use 5.56mm bullet in afterward.

  4. i have to say rising storm 2 is better than insurgency sandstorm. btw. great vid 🙂 greets from switzerland

  5. This game looks so fun to play, but my biggest worry is that I'll accidentally kill more teammates than enemies.

  6. Let's do some distance!
    Also, does anyone know the advantages of the carbine xm1 compared to the standard M16?

  7. Sapa is a beautiful place with Waterfall and French Cuisine, every years French tourist come by to visit to beauty of the place while riding horse. You gotta visit Sapa once of your life


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