Battle Of Titans [BoT] Gameplay – Close Game


Battle Of Titans [BoT] Gameplay Close Game.
This was some random game i played today , thought i would share it , you might notice that i am using the New Spider Titan Mite , more details about it are coming soon.
Music used:(in order)
Emdi x Coorby – Lonewolf (feat. Kristi-Leah) [NCS Release]

Weero – Mates [NCS Release]

3rd Prototype – Dancefloor [NCS Release]

TULE – Fearless [NCS Release]

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  1. 업데이트 이후에 미친 게임으로 전락한 게임을 광고하는 당신 개발자인가요?
    개발자이면 열심히 광고하셔~
    에러는 언제 수정할거냐?!
    점수도 인정되지 않는 게임이 무슨 게임이냐?
    현질하면 인정해주긴 하냐? 에러도 심각해서
    이런 게임 안할것 같은ㄷ 점수 판정도 개판이야~^^
    열심히 현잘해봐요~
    난 이런 환경에 현질은 아에 안해서 모르것네~^^

  2. Wr has many robots not good gameplay lesd detail
    and BoT is like focusing on more detail instead of more robots

  3. You can download it on Google I'm downloading right now just search battle of Titans and there if you need some help feel free to comment down below


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