Block Craft 3D Android Gameplay (HD)


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Craft and grow your own village in an unlimited open world! the is good craft game download , Whether you are online or without wifi, build your own amazing city. This awesome building game will please everybody, from kids, boys and girls, to adults! Play now for free, create the best city!
Amazing buildings
Ready? Block? Go! Learn the game by building your house, a school or a mine…
Decorate your building with your furniture with your own skins: it’s YOUR town and you can do whatever you want! When you’re ready, you can start incredible constructions: the eiffel tower, an airplane, or even… the death star!

Lots of Pets
Tired of people? Play with pets! Adopt a dog, a cat, a horse or even an elephant

Visit your friends
Start the exploration! You can visit the city built by your friends (or foes)! Who’s got the biggest village? Check if they finished their new castle and give them a hand, they will repay you later! Multiplayer is so much fun!

Create and sell
In Block Craft, no need for mods, launcher or PE. You can create the custom blocks, special furniture or complete blueprint of building! And even better: sell those and receive lots of gems!


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  2. They predicted foxes tho, i feel so bad for 11yo me, hey kid, if you want minecraft, tell your parents if possible, is cheaper than most games, is in almost all devices and its a lot more of fun than this.

  3. Eu thenho esse jogo eu ja contrui uma casa grande so falta as coisas dentro não demorou 3 dias só galera thenho um recado segue o meu canal JULIA MINEGIRL Beijo thau galera♡♥


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