Bob Saget, 65, found dead in Orlando hotel room

The Orange County Sheriff’s Workplace confirmed on Sunday that actor and comic Bob Saget was discovered lifeless in his resort room on the Ritz-Carlton in Orlando. The Medical Examiner’s Workplace will decide his reason behind demise. Deputies stated no indicators of foul play or drug use had been discovered.

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  • Wow 😳😳
    Could there be a connection here with the Epstein/Maxwell ring ?? Very coincidental that he's found death within days of the Maxwell trials !! This is bigger and scarier than I thought !! 😨


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    John 3:16 – For God so loved the world that He gave His one and only Son, that everyone who believes in Him shall not perish but have eternal life.

  • "Narual causes"

    Media is owned and so is top parts of society :

    This virus was likely created in a lab by the same folks that made the vaccine 🦎⚕👽

    Society is a lie. Society is owned in disingenuous ways that dupe us from top institutions. And no i don't like trump or q. They are part of it too.

    Humans need to be kinder and more aware that we are being played like pawns and this isn't new.

    We are poisoned. Divided. Distracted. Fear and propaganda and systematic lies by how our information is owned and bent in some creepy ways hidden in plain sight..we are being mocked and then told somethings aren't happening while they are clearly happening.

    It is conditioning and really smart but ultimately evil and exceeds mere human greed at the Top (also some of this isn't science. Like church with extra steps )

    We really don't think for ourselves. We have been conditioned to be spoon fed things and groups and then we ignore the common denominator truths that get muddied up on purpose.

    There is a common denominator and pattern to what has been happening for at least 5k years and it isn't even us

    There are nice ones but the ones that are doing this aren't nice. It is really obvious once you see enough parts of it ..some can see it some Can't. But fortunately more are waking up to it. ✌

  • He always seemed like a complete dirtbag to me from the way that he acted when he hosted that video TV show he always thought he was so so cute. I think that it is ridiculous the way that the news sources are covering his death as if he was some kind of a hero that's possibly eligible to be declared a saint.

  • Wow unbelievable sadden by this loss. First Betty White, Sydney Poitier now Bob Saget My condolences to all of their families . I grew up watching FullHouse it was my favorite show growing up

  • MY he RIP and God comfort his wife, family and friends. So sad to see wonderful actor/comidan and great person leave us so soon.

  • Another beloved comedian taken from us. Betty White and Bob Saget are now entertaining the angels! R.I.P💔

  • Wow! Promoting your push app. Letting the public know you were the 1st on scene 3x with 17,000 views from your "breaking tweet," all within the first 20 secs of this clip. Real sensitive, Orlando news people!!

  • It sounds like a heart attack but if it's "just" that why aren't they reporting that? Someone sounds fishy.

  • I heard about this in class at school today, didn’t see it last night. I can’t believe it 🤦🏼‍♂️

  • " I went to the pharmacy the other day and GOT A BOOSTER SHOT and then uhhhh"…. – RIP Bob



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