Body cam video released of Jamee Johnson being shot, killed by Jacksonville, Fla. officer

Physique digicam footage was launched Monday, July 6 within the police killing of Jamee Johnson.

Johnson is the 22-year-old Florida A&M scholar shot and killed by police on Dec. 14, 2019, after he was pulled over for a seat belt violation.

The roughly 10-minute video is compiled from body-worn cameras of three Jacksonville Sheriff’s Officers, two of whom had been current in the course of the visitors cease and capturing. The video was launched following a evaluate by the State Legal professional’s Workplace, additionally launched Monday, which deemed the capturing justified.

The video launch comes after weeks of calls for each from members of the family and Black Lives Matter protesters. The video reveals a routine visitors cease shortly go awry. Inside 6 minutes, Johnson is shot 4 occasions, and lays pleading for his life.

FULL STORY: https://www.firstcoastnews.com/article/information/crime/body-cam-footage-released-in-police-killing-of-famu-student-jamee-johnson/77-833d7ce1-eee7-42dd-8388-3fe38e3208e2

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  • Haha!! Just a moment earlier he was all snotty to the cops and trying to play Mr. Lawyer. Went from that to crying like a little bitch and begging the police “please don’t let me die!” Haha!! What a fool haha!! I’m glad the officers are okay… also glad the perp took a dirt nap haha!! 👍🏻😃💀⚰️

  • That was horrible to watch him say he was dying.,…. I felt like he was pretty secure I would have felt safe going up to him at that point…… He could have got Medical Care sooner



  • The only thing that bothers me is the non-Chalant attitude of the officers rendering first aid….yeah we know, he brought this on himself, but the officers prob waisted about 3 min of first aid time.

  • I can't believe people are so dumb two years later and they can't see the obvious. The suspect is an undercover informant off the books! The officer knew him already! He was supposed to be selling and gathering information but he kept their money instead for himself! So when the officer stopped his vehicle he was pretty chill at first even made remarks indicating civil rights issues with police and minorities. Now if he knows that why in the hell would he tell the police he has a weapon on him? He is a certified G. He knows you do not talk to the police! In this case he has no choice because he knows that officer. He is just thinking that he still his friend but when he realizes he double crosses him that's when he tries to fight and run for it! The 95% of police chases the suspect will run when told to get out of the car. This suspect already told the cop he has a weapon he already smells like weed why wait and run later on it does not make sense! What does make sense is the officer already knows him as a off the books informant! And from there he's supposed to turn in the money and the drugs that he sold or pay his share of it. But he got greedy and kept all of it. So they were going to let him go to jail for all of the drugs which is at least 7 years in prison. Why didn't they find the money or roll of cash with the scale? All dealers have a roll of at least $1, 000 to 5,000. He had no money because he wasn't informant working for them!! The same dirty officer was under investigation at another department that he left where he killed a 47 year old man!

  • Bruh I read this kid was a college kid ready to graduate with a degree in business and he makes that decision right there? Cmon bro.

  • And BLM protested this?

    It shows you that their movement is no based in reality in the slightest. If a cop isn't allowed to defend himself from a criminal resisting arrest and diving into his car for a pistol with a lengthy extended magazine sticking out the bottom then apparently they're never allowed to protect themselves.

  • 5:00 decisions, decisions, our actions based off our decisions in life are so important, and even crucial as seen in this example, what was the absolute worst that was going to happen to him, after they searched his car? no telling now, because he is DEAD

  • His family demanding answers and it's quite apparent what he did and why he got shot by LEO's what more do they want to make it more believable. Guy resisted, jumped back into the car for a weapon looks clear cut to me

  • The mind behind such behavior is hard to comprehend… what a waste of a life. The police officers did everything right, but could have hurried with the first aid though. That will be the only point of contention in court, if any.

  • He thought he could bet 2 cops to the gun will he was outside the car and his gun was in his coat pocket inside the car?
    All he had was some weed and a gun illegally stored.

  • How was he grabbing his gun when he was 12 feet from the car? And why didnt they help him instantly when he was already shot? Does anyone know if he past? Also why didnt he taze him?

  • Bro , why the hell did he decide to do that, wow people need God in their lives

  • I cant breathe my legs are up. You wonder why you people never get any respect from any other race.

  • During The Initial Struggle Why didn’t JamieJ. Go For The Gun Then, It Looks As if He Was Trying To Flee🤔 Again ! The Gun Never Moved it Never Made outside The Car. I never even made it to the driver seat. The Gun Wasn’t Near Jamie J when he was shot. Bruh how is this justification shooting. I’m I missing something

  • Out Of All The Police Shootings I’ve Saw. We’re The Suspect Shot A Cop. The Cop Never! I Mean Never Knew The FirArm Or Gun Was Their. So You Mean To Tell Me This Guy Told The Officer The Exact Postion Of The Gun and Described it, To Try To Use It To Kill the officer. It Doesn’t Make Sense 🤔

  • Studying This Video More. The Way His Body Was Postion is Consisted With Somebody Being Pulled out the car and thrown to the ground. Jamie j Was Laying on His Back. How was he reaching for the Gun 🤔 Literally The Gun Never Left The Car. Most Importantly Viable Footage Is Missing. Matter Fact The Key Part!!! 5 Sc Of the Actually Shooting, We Never See Him Going For The Gun !!!!

  • This Wasn’t Justifiable Shooting. Why Would Jamie Johnson Tell The Officer He Had A FireArm In The Car If He Knew He Was Going To Use it. Secondly Jamie J. Body Is Facing Away From The Car, The Gun Was Still Inside The Car. Thirdly Was Does The Video Cuts Off Right Before The Deadly Shooting. We Never See Jamie J. Going For The Gun. We’re Is the Rest Of The Video ???? Lastly If Jamie J wouldn’t have Told Him He Had A FireArm He Wouldn’t Have been Killed

  • better title: 'Body Camera Footage Shows Jamee Johnson Being Fatally Shot by Police While Trying to Reach for a Gun'

  • He thought he was very knowledgeable about the law he was nice why did he do such crazy thing knowing these guys are trained to kill….

  • "Please don't let me die sir" I mean … I was trying to take YOUR life so I could get away BUT please don't let me die.

  • Definitely The MOST justified shooting I have seen. Extremely obvious this kid was getting ready to take someones life if had he not have been stopped. Guns and scales and drugs and rubbers and all kinds of crap on him. He knew he was going to jail for years so he tried to take a cops life to get away and keep living a terrible life. Glad the officers weren't hurt.

  • He pulled him over for a seatbelt man have his seatbelt on why all the extra talking for smh dont talk to police they not here to serve or protect they here to harass and kill

  • If people like him continue to resist and deceive the cops they will continue to get shot. Guys like him get stopped for a reason. They kill each other deal drugs to each other and get killed by cops, its a vicious cycle.

  • Justified shooting, please dont loop this with unarmed compliant black men being shot and killed not even close and an insult to those real injustices.

  • When all the police worried about is turning body cams off shows their true intentions!

  • This p—– me off .This killing should never have happened.Pulling him over for a penny ante seatbelt, man a major crime Then bombarded him with a sh—–d of questions.Man then getting into the "who knows the technical details of the law" the best. Man this dude ain't no trouble. A It's a battle of " I'm smarter than you" conversation. Just give him his no seatbelt ticket and stop insinuating the Why are you nervous scenarios

  • I never understand why no one helps the subject medically…he hands up and no long a threat. So why take so long to apply med attention
    That’s my issue with the situation! Like he is still a human being
    9 times out of the 10 he bled out because of the mistreatment of aid being applied

  • This dumb piece of said “stop reaching “, this man on the ground , shot , crying , he’s reaching for God.
    This race war is definitely coming .

  • Didn't want to die, then you shouldn't have done something to get you killed.
    But why are their people demanding justice for this? Suspect dragged a cop, had a firearm, and its very clear that suspect intended on using the firearm. So we're just supposed to let suspect shoot the officer, take his life? Pfft, BLM live in a fantasy land where they can say and do anything, regardless of the outcome.

  • What an idiot. Seriously when people reason being afraid of cops as the reason for this is the most mindboggling logic.. you think you're safer trying to flee or go for a gun? You got shot because you pulled something not because you got stopped or because of your skin color. Because of your actions

  • Title correction: Body cam video release of jamee johnson getting shot after trying to attack a police officer

  • Damn if you don’t want to die why try to reach for gun against officers you are not that good. Unfortunate for loss of life

  • Mistake is all that talking beside the car with the door open. Officer complacency. As soon as dude got pulled from car shut the door.

  • CNN: Racist black cop shoots harmless black teen for giving the officer a ride in his car.



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