Can I Carry a Firearm in My Car in North Carolina?

On this video, Asheville Legal professional James Minick explains whether or not it’s authorized to maintain a gun in your automotive in North Carolina, for each open carry and hid carry weapons. Additionally coated is the connection between a hid carry allow and the presence of alcohol.

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  • When you say you can open carry a firearm in the front seat of the car, does this include long guns? I know CCW in NC is only for handguns.

  • Little surprised member of NC bar would make a "Gun In My Car" video with so little info… like what is considered visible, also, what about carrying one in my trunk? What about carrying 10 in my trunk to a turkey shoot? Not a lot going on here…

  • Seems to be a disadvantage to have a CWP. It's my car and it's my pistol. I will keep the motherfucker any damn place I wish in my fucking car ! It's no damn body's business but my own ! Seems the law makes firearms more dangerous with other people in my car having access to my fucking gun !

  • This video is wrong. The Law in NC has more provisions not included here. For instance a weapon is not concealed if it's on the dashboard, in open view on the seat or the floor or the console even in reach. If a weapon is in a locked compartment or container it is not concealed. If you are not in the vehicle the weapon may be under the seat or covered on the seat or in a unlocked compartment or pocket and not be in violation.

  • how do these protesters get away with ar-15 with inserted mag in the weapon not shouldered but at the ready position and finger over the trigger on government property ive seen so many pictures of this in last 2 yrs its not legal Brandishing and Improper Exhibition of a Firearm

  • Now we need a video explaining “open and visible”…how do you secure a weapon in your vehicle and still have it be open and visible. ..are you ok if you take it out of the glove dept. and place it on the passenger seat before the officer comes to the vehicle?

  • 18 to 20 year olds can legally open carry handguns without a permit if they received the handgun through inheritance, gift, obtaining from a non-felon who lives in the same state, or gun shows

  • I have my CC permit, and I know not to drink any alcohol while I carry concealed or store my weapon in the glove box of my car. However, let's say that I'm having a beer or two for dinner and then drive home. Would I get in trouble or break the law if my weapon would be out in the open and not concealed?

    In other words: Having on me my CC Permit + Alcohol consumption + concealing your weapon = Breaking the law…… (I understand)

    How about: Having on me my CC Permit + Alcohol consumption + open carry or open display my weapon in my car = Not breaking the law????

  • Any law that is contrary to the COTUS is null, void and of no effect. I have exercised Constitutional Concealed carry in every state I've ever been in. The 2A ALSO authorizes national reciprocity. It's been in effect since Dec. 15, 1791.

  • What about loaded long gun in lockable container concealed under the back seat of a truck?

  • It's confusing in a car. Is a gun in a holster on your belt openly carried allowed? I put the gun on my passenger seat. Usually without a holster. If it is in a holster is that concealed? Very confusing at NC law doesn't make a clear statement on this rule. I can legally walk around with the handgun on my hip, but as soon as I get in the car is that considered concealed?

  • So NC forces you to carry unsafely. That gun will fly around the cabin in an accident if it's on the seat or dashboard. Stupid laws made the the same kinds of people who screwed up gas cans.

  • The question I always have and cannot find the answer to is: If you are in a state where you (the driver) MUST notify the police officer that you have a permit, what if you are a passenger in that vehicle with your handgun license but the driver does not (or even if they do) have a handgun license? Would you still be required as a passenger (who did not get pulled over or commit the traffic infraction) to notify the officer that you have a concealed weapons permit? I ride in cars as a passenger with friends all the time and would like to know.

  • N. Carolina used to be a southern state before all the northerners invaded and turning the state into a blue state mess!

  • Shall not be Infringed. Ccw is a registration form which is illegal. See fopa. The only thing you can trust police to say is oink. If you can get shot with a gun you should be able to carry one.

  • Ole boy needs to read the law again about the alcohol and I seen some comments about Walmart’s with banks u can open carry in north Caralina anywhere that dose not have a posted no gun Walmart dosnt have them I open carry in mine that has a bank all the time with police in there and talked to them but it’s up to you

  • If it is LOCKED in the trunk of the car,or glove box,it is out of ones access??Many Court cases have been won…based on this argument.😊

  • So can the hand gun be in A zippered gun case bag inside the trunk of the car? Or does it have to be out of the case just banging around in the trunk with everything since my glove box does not lock?

  • So i don’t have to get a concealed carry permit? I can visibly carry with just a purchase permit ?

  • what's the constitution of the state say? what did the US supreme court say? permits are a degradation of your rights, miranda rights are the same garbage. your rights are established without needing lesser dependent rules

  • I need more details on OPEN carry. Everything I look up goes straight to concealed. Can I have it in the back seat visible?

  • NCDPS.GOV states: "A handgun openly displayed or in a locked glove box, locked console, or in the trunk is lawful."
    So is it also legal to open carry without a permit, a pistol in my locked back trunk?

  • I found this video after hours of research on the subject. My most common answer was to keep the pistol in its holster on my front passenger seat(when riding alone) so it is readily visible. This just doesnt seem right to me, but I'm no lawyer. I feel if a cop walls up and sees a gun on my seat, his gun is coming straight out. I had also hoped that open carry, outside the waistband would be ok, as long as you notified the officer.obviously that is not ok? Very confusing and a dangerous situation to be confused in! I appreciate any further advice.
    Jim Brown

  • This guy is an idiot. I just pulled up the state law. You dont have to have a permit and can conceal it in a locked glove box what the fuck is this dude talking about

  • What about open carrying properly holstered in your vehicle. Ive heard many different opinions. All these bs gun laws anyway dont do anything to keep anyone safer. Its all just to ease the mind of the uninformed ignorant people who thrive on feelings.

  • What if you've had a couple of beers at dinner, enough to show up on a breathalizer but not enough to be over the legal limit, does that still nullify the concealed carry permit? What about open carry at that point?

  • 1791: Shall.Not.Be.Infringed
    2020: Am I allowed to carry a gun in my private property?
    1776 part 2 anyone?



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