Carnival Ecstasy Cruise VLOG | Departure from Jacksonville Cruise Port

On this collection of movies we search to share every little thing you might want to know for crusing on the Carnival Ecstasy. That is video primary! We provide you with ideas for the Jacksonville Cruise Port and produce you alongside for the primary day of enjoyable on-board the Carnival Ecstasy! A great deal of particulars!

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Hello! We’re Jason and Kellie! We have been married 20 years. Now we have 4 superior youngsters! We had been each Military officers! We love Jesus! And, we love life! Travelling the world is what we do! Top-of-the-line methods to try this is by ship! Now we have set a purpose to take you on each Carnival cruise ship in 48 months beginning in January 2020! Our ardour is to provide the greatest ideas, excursions, and cash saving strategies obtainable! We hope you’ll subscribe and take the journey with us!

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Cruise Talk


  • I would be lost without my makeup bag. Maybe in my 20s or 30s I wouldn't have minded, but now being 46 I need my makeup!!! I live 10 minutes from the Jax port and never been on a cruise. I am terrified of that tiny room without a window to escape, but maybe one day I will find the courage

  • Hi!! When was this cruise???? We were her…Sept 28, 2019….then again February 1,2020!!

  • We had rough seas so the locked our portholes and balconies. That porthole was just covered up from previous bad weather or something.

  • How was the cruise going out of the St Johns River, was it worth staying out on deck for the entire time?

  • Great introduction to the Carnival Ecstasy, looking forward to more as we have never cruised with them! So glad Kelly found her make up too!

  • when you showed that little alcove with the windows I though ''awesome!'' but do not open on one of the windows?? that would drive me crazy ! I would have to open it and know what happens 😀

  • I’ve been binge watching your channel and didn’t even realize you guys came out with this! My best friend and i are going on the ecstasy in November and I hope to have a great experience like you guys had! The last time i was on a cruise was actually that ship when I was 5, so I really appreciate to see how things have changed. I don’t usually comment on videos, but keep up the great work!

  • Your channel is amazing! Very entertaining but it also provides many useful information for cruise travelers, and we love it!

  • GIRL! I totally feel you on the missing makeup bag (and glad you found it later!)! My husband and I went to NYC in 1997 with our church choir to visit the Brooklyn Tabernacle (side note…we got to SING with them! EEK!). The first morning after spending the night in the hotel, we were planning on going to the Today Show to be in the goofy crowd. I'm about to put my makeup on when I realize I LEFT IT AT HOME ON THE BATHROOM COUNTER. I had a panic attack at 4:30 in the morning! I mean, we were possibly going to be on national television and I HAD NO MAKEUP!

    Thankfully, my sweet, sweet husband went room to room asking my sweet, sweet friends if I could use some of theirs. They came through, and I later was able to go to Kmart in Manhattan (never thought I'd have said that!) and replenished my stash. It was not fun at the moment, but it sure is a funny memory now! And yes, for a split second, my husband and I DID get on tv! 🙂

  • Oh! My! Goodness!! 😱 when you said you couldn’t find your make up bag!! I was there with you. So distraught! Glad you found it. 😅
    Great vlog as usual! I just went today and saw the Ecstasy and NCL Pearl. I’m booking the Ecstasy for Aug 24th!
    Have fun on your group cruise!

  • Kelly l don't wear makeup at all. Like jason said u are already beautiful. What y'all should be worried about did y'all lock the car and his phone and where y'all Park at. My daughter and grandchildrens have been on that ship last year. Do u have Chapstick for your lips with gloss that might make up for the makeup. From miss Vernola Baltimore MD.

  • Just discovered your guys YouTube channel and have loved all your tips about cruising. Thank you both for your service. My husband was a instructor at Camp Gruber Air Assault School when I met him 25 years ago.

  • What is the room number of the cabin you stayed in? We are scheduled for the ecstasy on april 6th…might not make it though 🙁

  • That is so interesting with the window view!! Lol 😂 you could put luggage in the open area as long as Kelly isn’t mad at you! Lol 😂 the make up is more devastating then the phone! So glad it was found 😊 I haven’t watched Clue yet will have to do that! Thanks for sharing!

  • LOL I was 100% wondering if you were military because the clean cut! Just read the description and sure enough! My name is Josiah and my wife's name is Kelly, I graduated USMC OCS in August and we're taking this ship to the Bahamas after we graduate college May 2nd and before I commission May 15! Thanks for y'alls service, and keep up the great videos! Oohrah 🤝💪

  • Great video guys!! I'd be tripping out if I didn't have my makeup bag! I'm glad Kellie found hers!!!

  • I'm going on this same cruise in May! I am trying to pick my excursion for Nassau over the next couple of weeks, so I am beyond excited for this series! Thanks for sharing! How often will new videos release?

  • That is a strange porthole configuration. We love the porthole rooms. Interior cost, just enough view/light to fight claustrophobia, and the nautical ambience

  • We have four gold-plated ships on a stick, all from trivia wins. I know how Kellie felt when she lost her make-up bag! On our second cruise, our luggage did not make the transfer from the airport to the ship!! It was 3 days until our first stop where our luggage was flown in. The airlines authorized $75 for each of us to buy clothes and necessities on board; as you can imagine, the money did not go very far! After the initial shock, we decided there wasn’t anything that we could do to change the situation, so we just washed things daily and had a great time anyway. Thank the Lord for the robes in the cabin!

  • We sailed on the Ecstasy back in 2008 for our very first cruise, we sailed out of Galveston. Loved it.

  • Great video! Really enjoy your vids and the tips you provide. Hope to maybe do a cruise with you guys one day. What date is the October cruise on the Glory?

  • Never been out of Jacksonville. Do many cruises go out of there? Did you open "it"? I would use the space for dirty laundry, suitcases and timeouts. I want a ship on a stick, but I guess I would have to travel on Carnival first. Never shared a table on a cruise ship, is it hard to get used to? Keep the videos coming!!!🐸

  • That's what got me hooked on your channel. Some people would complain about that room but you two laughed it off. That's awesome. And Kellie has that natural beauty that doesn't need makeup. Thanks for the video. Keep them coming.



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