Cycling Vietnam (The North) – Sapa to Lai Chau, Mu Cang Chai & Yenbai, ending Hanoi


After crossing over from China, I took a bus from the Vietnamese border town of Lao Cai up to the hilltown of Sapa. After around 24 hours or pretty unexciting weather there (with almost no views of Fansipan – Vietnam’s highest mountain), I started cycling.
Day 1: Lao Cai to Sapa (bus).
Day 2: Sapa to Lai Chau
Day 3: Lai Chau (waiting out bad weather)
Day 4: Lai Chau to Than Uyen, taking the southerly route to Tam Duong at the start so that I didn’t double up on the route from Tam Duong I’d taken on the day coming from Sapa.
Day 5: Than Uyen to Mu Cang Chai.
Day 6: Mu Cang Chai to Nghia Lo
Day 7: Nghia Lo to Yen Bai
Day 8: Yen Bai to Hanoi (by bus)
Map of Cycling Route:

Music –
Track: Embrace
Artist: Sappheiros


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  1. Hi Ben! We are really interested in doing something like this! I haven't watched any of your other videos – is this your own bike that you brought to Vietnam? Did you do any research on renting or buying/selling a bike while in Vietnam? You posted this in May – was that when you were there? We are planning to go in April. Thanks!

  2. Hey! We really liked your video and probably will do a cycling route similar to yours. Do you remember how you got your bicycle to Sapa? Because we are two, and we don't know if there would be enough space in the bus for both of our bikes. Thanks!

  3. With you think about cycling in the southern part of Viatnam. Is commuting in Ho-Chi-Minh also possible with the bike ?


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