Former Jaguars Reporter on Urban Meyer's Fallout with Jacksonville | CBS Sports HQ

Pete Prisco joins CBS Sports activities HQ to interrupt down the Jaguars firing City Meyer.


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  • Meyer should just walk away from football and focus on figuring out ways to spend his mountain of money.

  • This is the least surprising sports news of the year. Big-time college coaches cannot be head coaches in the NFL. Their egos are way too big.

  • From day one media nagged harassed and threw wild speculation and one conspiracy theory after another. Reporting false anonymous players and coaches left and right likley making suspicious and skeptical of each other.
    These Marxist media tactics are more actvism creating the story's rather than conveying them.
    To influential and out of control

  • Shad Khan isnt the right owner. Thats alot to say with Dan synder. Khan is a horrible owner.

  • Urban Meyer cares only for himself? Shocking, just shocking. Give me a break, he is and always has been an overinflated ego on two legs. He cares for no one except himself.

  • Just remember this dude's ….for some people ,it's not enough to just fire you ….they want to ruin your reputation !…..that's what's happening here !

  • I'm not a Clemson fan, but I am a fan of Trevor Lawrence. And I feel so bad for him that he landed on a team coached by a wife beater assistant hiring, racist assistant hiring P.O.S. who would rather leave his team behind to bump and grind on some teeny waitress at a sleezy bar than travel back with his team.

  • All he needed to do was run across the right brotha, he definitely would’ve gotten his ass whipped! He was a bully from the word go! Now you can’t walk his bs back…..not in this climate where people aren’t taking crap from bosses anymore.

  • That’s the problem with Jacksonville, extends to this reporter. To somehow use coughlin as some example of a coach/ team president who somehow did it the right way is perplexing at best. Thought Jacksonville, ran coughlins away from Jacksonville and put the clocks back to the right time, only after 5he players Union threatened to recommend players not sign with Jacksonville.

    Clearly, Jacksonville, khan, and this reporter have not learned their lesson and probably won’t anytime soon.

  • Cant wait until some young woman comes forward with a sexual assault allegation,shouldn’t take long

  • Translation: the report of Pervin Liar kicking a player, the report we had known about for months, came out. APPEARED to grope? Seriously? And he knew EXACTLY what happened during games. He just threw his assistants under the bus, particularly his RB coach.

  • He's just not a good fit,to coach millionaires. Ya can't say always,but usually trueley elite college coaches don't work in the NFL. This guy brought up Jimmy Johnson…THAT WAS 25 YEARS AGO! Should tell you something that he has to go back that far. Saban did ok,but he also realized he's much better in college…it's a totally different game,& job. And for sure Meyer didn't treat people the way you gotta do…these are pros,& millionaires making more than you…not kids.



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