Here's Jacksonville, Florida's Most Dangerous Neighborhood

Dang! Jacksonville, Florida is tough!

For this video, I took 95 into Jacksonville, Florida. The purpose used to be to try absolutely the worst Jacksonville neighborhoods I may in finding. Early iciness way highs within the 70s, and it used to be a brilliant and sunny morning. The day used to be Wednesday, January 6, 2021 at 10 am.

After doing analysis, it used to be made up our minds that there have been two neighborhoods in Jacksonville that rank because the worst position to are living – the place crime and poverty is the very best. Certainly one of them is right here – off of Martin Luther King Jr Throughway at the town’s northeast aspect.

On the other hand I drove thru it and it wasn’t that dangerous. No less than it didn’t appear unhealthy or overwhelmed up.

The opposite one is a pocket additional east and nearer to downtown, a local proper subsequent to 95. This used to be the one who used to be the worst, so I’ll center of attention on that one particularly. That is that hood. It used to be as anticipated, tough and poverty troubled.

Jacksonville as an entire is actually unhealthy as a town. Crime charges in Duval County, the place Jacksonville is, are the very best in the entire state of Florida, and that’s announcing a LOT. They’ve employed extra officials right here to fight crime, and crime has dropped, which is just right. However Jacksonville has had the very best homicide charge within the state for way back to any individual can take into account.

The scoop has reported that many portions of Jacksonville like this were crying out for lend a hand.

Right here’s the remainder of the worst community within the country’s twelfth greatest town.

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in what county is jacksonville fl

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  • I was born in Jacksonville. Till the age of 13 I didn't really experience a lot of illegal or bad activity. My grandfather once was driving me home from school and before we entered our street we're the house is we seen a man walking past so my grandfather gave him the right of way, but out of no where a cop speed to the man and hits his breaks when he was close enough stepped out the car with his gun yelling at the man. The man dropped instantly I presume he already knew what was coming. A lot of people including some of my own family were victims to addiction/sexual abuse from people they knew or once knew. My grandfather's house was broken into at one point, and 2 boys decided to jump into his truck and start stomping on it claiming "they were chased by a dog" the part where I grew up was a happy medium of bad and good. Sometimes you catch things you could only see to believe or hear it on the news. Currently I live in Tampa and I just recently heard of a triple homicide that had just happened in Jax. I only hope the best for my home town and for it to be better than what media expects it to be.

  • I don’t know, it doesn’t seem that bad. I thought it was going to be worse I guess.🤷‍♀️

  • Being from west palm beach county FL I stayed in Jacksonville I love and hated it mostly law enforcement just like all over Florida troll aka police will just jump out on you and get to fukkin with you for no reason Plus Jacksonville just don't got the highest crime rate in murders but the highest population of people in Florida and that's a fact💯

  • Bro if you don't live here you have no clue what parts are bad. Gtfo if you came here to talk shit. Probably from Detroit or something and you come to Duval to shit talk.

  • Lived in Jacksonville for 15 years, left 4 years ago. Hated it. Worst place I have ever lived. Just before I moved a serial killer than was on the run for 10 years was arrested 3 blocks from my house. Northside one of the worst areas.

  • is it always objectively the correct term, "danger", or often poverty and degradation, regardless of who the faults are and it must absolutely never be a justification, are they easily mistaken for danger? mine is not judgment or sarcasm, but a sincere question.

  • Hey don’t You Tubers like you ever show, for example, the Mandarin area of Jax? Highest medium income, best schools, more college grads than any other area in the county. people like you are just harbingers of doom and disgust.

  • Wow that was super Dangerous, lol man if you don't live here YOU DON'T KNOW ME!!!!! DUVALLLLL!!!!!!

  • We lived in Marietta (W. Jax) in the 60's
    A guy down the road had a baboon on a chain as a pet!

  • All the comments that try to portray Jacksonville as anything decent is wrong! Jacksonville is a sh!t hole.💩

  • South Central Florida is riddled with gators, turtles, and scavengers, even the bones are consumed by the environment… not to mention the bacterial growth, which rushes decomposition.
    People disappear at alarming rates, never to be seen again.
    A "disappearance" or "missing person" is rarely listed on "murder stats".

  • Jacksonville has a neighborhood for anyone and eveyone…. If you are a decent person you can live here with no problems other than bad drivers

  • You are there at the wrong time of day. Come at night and you won't get out of your car.

  • I remember on work release some dumbass white boy tried to flex his Mayport tattoo on his arm. Three weeks straight these black dudes clowned that peckerwood he never said chit! 😆

  • My Ex-Wife grew up on First St off Lem Turner. It wasn't like Compton or Stockton rough, but it did have shady areas. .I never seen so many pill poppers and fentynal loving fools in my life. Oh, and the Jax White girls did love them some black buck seed even if their previous generation was full of KKK fools. Jax is mostly spread out…the city is the county. I lived in Baymeadows. This is really Southern Georgia., and the mix of people from the Northern states made this a somewhat manageable place to live. 😀

  • Police in JAX look more like light infantry. Get used to it around the country soon.

  • Funny how you didn't say the name of the street or the area of the second spot you went to. You happily called out Martin Luther king drive. But didn't say the area of the 2nd spot you drove through

  • Every major city have its pockets of bad neighborhoods so stop with BS and I’m not from Jax lol

  • Jacksonville ain't even that bad, got stabbed 3 times in middle school, but still same as any other city

  • Jacksonville is America’s largest city it’s the only city that takes up a entire county Duval county is Jacksonville Jacksonville is Duval county

  • Whitest white guy goes into the worst neighborhoods in Jacksonville this should be great you’re lucky you didn’t get yanked out of your car robbed and kidnapped



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