How Fast is the Zotac GTX 1060 Amp Edition?


How Fast is the EVGA SC 1060?
ZOTAC GeForce GTX 1060 AMP! Edition

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  1. Just picked this up for $170 Canadian in 2020. Upgraded from my 740. No comparison. First thing I did was load up Forza horizon 4 on ultra graphics. Didn't drop once below 60fps. What an amazing upgrade. Thanks for the review!

  2. Just ordered one and was wondering if it would be a significant upgrade to my 1050ti,thank you! This helped.

  3. VS . – what is difference between these two cards

  4. Sir, I have a i7 8th generation CPU, 2666mhz 16gb RAM, WD 240 GB SSD, 2TB BARACUDA HDD, MSI z370 pc pro motherboard, LG 22mp68vq full HD and IPS display with free sync monitor and Corsair 650watt SMPS. Please suggest a Graphic Card for video editing, rendering and screen recording purpose with adobe premiere pro, after effect and filmora for my pc configuration. Please suggest which brand of graphic card I should buy?

  5. I bought this card in friday 14 december 2018 and i will combine with the i5 8600k and 8 gb ram 3200mhz and i wait this computer to arrive in a week. So i hope this sytem cover me for a few years. I hope i have make a good buy for a normal user for games. This computer was a suggestion so i hope it's a good buy after 10 years of my last new pc.

  6. I came here for the review. Not the heavy metal fest. I'll sure keep away from "Tech of Tomorrow" vids in the future.

  7. i used to have 950 gtx zotac, now i got the amp editions. . . . . run all my game in ULTRA 1080p no problem.

  8. here everybody is talking about cooling problem in zotac but can't see the performance.zotac is a brand from hong kong.
    it is cheaper comparing to msi.
    so please go for performance see bencharks follow that accordingly to benchmarks.

  9. For some reason my 1060 amp boost up to over 1900mhz with no overclock averages around 73c with the fans at about 30-40%

  10. Hi, Great video. Would you suggest this card for an Intel DB75EN Board with a i5 3470 CPU?
    I have 24GB DDR3 memory and i mostly do 3d modeling, sculpting and rendering.
    Your comment will help my decision in buying.

  11. Is it worth to pay 40€ more to get the Msi gaming x 1060 6gb ? instead of the zotac amp 1060 6gb? Do you have 10 more fps buying msi card ? or is it just because of looks and cooling?

    Thx for your answer 😉

  12. Hey man do you think 360$ for this card is worth it at the moment? Or is waiting a few more months a better idea?

  13. Mine has a backplate on it they must be doing it to the latest ones. Same here mine does 1822MHz boost and I haven't done a thing to it.

  14. It has shitty cooling. Avoid. 70-80C is normal with this card even if fans are maxed out. Go for Zotac extreme instead.


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