How much do Jobs pay in Florida – The Florida Job Market

On this video we discuss how a lot cash you may anticipate to earn yearly for several types of jobs in Florida. It’s true what you hear – for essentially the most half, jobs do PAY LESS in Florida in comparison with different states. Keep tuned for half two of this sequence the place we’ll discuss tips on how to discover a job in Florida, and tips on how to get essentially the most pay out of it.


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  • I subscribed your channel, thanks for your info. I got an offer in Tampa, we will move there in this May, I’m not sure 76k pay is good to live in Tampa for 3 people family. I checked the rent of the house around my office, it is much higher than NC. Looking forward to knowing real estate there from you. Thanks

  • hello, I have lived in NYC for almost 20 years I am a union worker of local 1010 construction union for 15 years and also have experience operating skid steers, track excavators medium sides, front and loader and some experience with backhoes, as a laborer they pay me 47$ an hour and as an operator the pay is much more but I am already tired of the cold and the city, I know that in Florida I will not earn the same as here more or less how much they pay to work in construction either laborer or machine operator I also have a class A CDL. Another question I would like you to tell me which is the best area of broward county to buy a house, thanks

  • Is nurse pay the same now? What about tech jobs like computer engineer, science, IT and the like?

  • Hey I’m 17 and I live in the Chicago area, I want to get into the union trades not sure what type of job yet but I want to move to Florida. I hate Chicago weather🤦🏻‍♂️feels so depressing in the winter. I’m just wondering what is one of the best trades to get into in Florida and what part of Florida would be the best.

  • The thing is though the cost of living in most areas in Florida is much lower crane other states.

  • Gee I want to retire in Florida, I make over 200k in CA and I am considered just average income earner

  • Hellouu im from Switzerland and im a painter (im a women). I looking for a job in Florida for some months. Do you know who i have to call?

  • Thank you for this video. I am interested in the construction industry. How can I communicate with you directly? Do you have an email address?

  • I’m an electrician thinking about moving to Miami in about 3 years if anyone has helpful tips or big no’s let me know

  • Fl has very below national a v erage salarys rent s are 4 times a vera ge salary medical workers get very low pay medical assistants get like 12hrly nurses get 15=20 so in fl you'd really have to wor k v ery long hrs or more than one job unless your like a lawyer or dr lot of real estate to deal in fl problem is most people in fl cant afford to buy any rea l estate and fls nice key west is very nice for famikys and shockingly the rents and homes aren't really that high and orlando lot of work not bad but north part florida if u have family and you value thier safety jeep heading south iv been in florida 40 yrs so yeah

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  • Yes, I’m looking to relocate, but the market and salaries are not as good as other metros

  • watchin this video now. Thank u for this.
    Ron Salata from ur grp told me to join his group called …Lets move to Florida! He sent a direct MSG. I thought thats your group
    Im making sure because I am confused.

  • "Right to Work" means right to work for low wages so that employers make a killing while they are killing you slowly… Only the dumb masses fall for the title of the bill that allows for the thievery of the middle class.

  • Hi, I want to live in the Florida Keys for a year or Two. What jobs do you think I should get and what should I live in, your opinion? I'm opened to anything except exspensive stuff. So yeah, what would be the steps I should take and what would I need to look for? Thanks!!

  • I stumbled upon your videos because I'll be moving in a few years and checking out info. You guys are so much fun. I love your videos and the info. you provide. Your children are gorgeous as well. I hope you all are doing well during the pandemic.

  • I have question on their any car, landscaping, or interior designing jobs in Florida mostly eastern side.



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