How to Fill in Thin and Bare Areas in Your Lawn (St. Augustine grass) Florida

This video breaks down methods to fill in skinny and naked areas in your St. Augustine garden. St. Augustine grass doesn’t develop by seed and can have a troublesome time filling in by itself. I’ve over 10 years expertise within the area with a level in horticulture. I’m proprietor and operator of Turf Organics in Jacksonville, Florida.

This extraordinarily detailed video will clarify what instruments you have to and precisely how a lot soil and sand to make use of. Florida lawns and St. Augustine grass may be very troublesome to take care of. This video is the proper information to get your garden to the place it must be.

Find out how to eliminate Crabgrass:

What are chinch bugs:

Compacted soil:

What are sod internet worms:

What’s thatch:

Find out how to fertilize your garden and shrubs half 1:

Find out how to fertilize your garden and shrubs half 2:

Key: how far is jacksonville from st augustine

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  • Of all the channels on lawn care you are the best in my opinion. Others are more into making a sale and their bottom line. You my friend are looking out for the home owner.

  • Does anyone know if this particular bag of Command is even produced anymore? And if so are their any distributors that ship nationwide? A link would be awesome!

  • Do you think it’s ok to fill in 4” think with the saint Augustine Pro Vista .I ask because it’s slow growing

  • Thanks! This makes so much sense. Too often I see people layer just sand OR just Black Cow.

  • Live the info …. Thought about filling in the bare spots with sod squares but think I will try this instead

  • My lawn looks great after patching freeze spots with sand and cow manure, I also threw in some fugicide prior. Grass responded and filled back up in a month looks greta now. ty

  • There’s areas in my lawn where my Bermuda has not grown vertically past half an inch since I moved into my new build in Feb 2021. Do you know if it will grow if I spread only black kow ?

  • I just applied this mix to bare spots in my Floratam today. I have a lot of runners that aren’t rooting. After I applied the mix, I buried the ends of the runners by making a hole with a screw driver and putting some soil on top. Have you found this to help them take root?

  • Sooo happy to find this video & your channel! We removed a greenhouse set up on top of our backyards st augustine grass and i am determined to revive the area. Bummed these exact products are not easily available here in So Cal. I am excited again to get back at it though. 🙂 Thank you!

  • Your videos are amazing. I’ve watched so many and I like how enthusiastic you are and your advice is the only one that is super simple and lines up with what my professional landscaper friend tells me.



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