How to Make Simple Windows Forms Application in C++ GUI (Visual Studio)


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Download Official Visual Studio :

In this video, I will teach you how to make Windows Forms Application in C++ using the .NET Framework. We will use the CLR component to make this project. However, the template isn’t available from Visual Studio 2012, so we will have to build it manually. So here is the link to the Main.cpp file I used :

Download the project file:

The process is simple, first we will create the Windows Forms Application from Scratch, however it will be super easy. Next we will add a label from the toolbox and voila, you will run a nice Windows Forms Application made using C++.

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Download Main.cpp :


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  1. @1:49 You are very wrong. 2015 != 2019 AT ALL! CLR does not exist in 2019. Perhaps 2019 Enterprise has CLR, bur 2019 Pro does NOT have CLR.

  2. If you guys are using Visual Studio 2019 and you cannot see the ui. Heres how to fix it:

  3. I followed all your steps but when i copied the code and debugged the form it gave me alot of errors such that form(on the last line) was undeclared identifier.Also in (Project1::MyForm form;) line it showed that their was a syntax error becuase a semicolon was missing before the identitifer 'form' .CAN YOU PLEASE HELP ME.


  5. Ela bro.
    Ad ekak :-
    Data කැපෙනවා වැඩිද? මේ ඇප් ඵක පාවිච්චි කරන්න(Samsung) . Save data via Samsung Max

  6. I receive the following error when I try to run the program:
    Code: C1001
    Description: Internal compiler error.
    Line: 16

    What could've caused this?
    Thanks. 🙂

  7. i downloaded visual studio 19 from microsoft site and i can not find any thing like clr and ui ..
    please help me ..
    the link for offline installer does not work with me.

  8. i am using Visual Studio 2019, Everytime i run Local Debug Manager, it will show " unable to start program. "c:\demodemo.dll" . the system cannot find the file specified."
    Any idea to solve this ?

  9. When I double click on MyForm.h it just opens the code, not the Design 🙁
    But when I debug it, it shows me a window. Any Help?

  10. Please please help me, I'm going mad trying to get this to work. I get as far as adding new item (UI) and selecting Windows form. I get the error message as you illustrated in the "MyForm.h [Design]" tab. I delete that tab then, in solution explorer, double-click on MyForm.h. The code appears, not the designer! Also, the view menu does not contain the Designer option!


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