How to stop windows auto shutdown problems 100% works


if your pc gets auto shutting down problem than you must follow this process, this problems works 100% so dontworry to do this, if my tutorial helps you than please subscribe me and comments Below,
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  1. Bro when i go to change advanced power settings and processorpower management i dont have minimum procesor rate pls help

  2. My laptop shuts down itself (after a few minutes) when it is connected to internet, why is it so? If there's no internet connection, there wont be such problem. Can it be fixed? Please help!

  3. This happend 2 times to me, where my computer just starts getting a lot of different pages and acts like it just got cancer, then it shuts down. Whenever I tried to turn it on again, the same would happen. This would only last for 5-6 hours. Does this sound like Windows shutting down randomly, or a DDoS attack?

  4. Please reply as my McAfee screen is the first page whenever I start my laptop then second screen is my my windows I'd password page comes….if I keep my laptop on hibernate mode so when I will start it it will start from McAfee page on windows I'd password page….

  5. If I keep my laptop 100% charged without shutdown and forget to switch off the button so it can automatically gets shutdown or what????

  6. I took your advice and changed the settings.. Still the problem was there. I took it to my IT department in office and my PC was functioning properly without any auto shut down. I ve set the max processor state to 60% now. Just wanted to know whether this problem can be caused due to earthing. Though my electrician claims my apartment has its earthing properly done. My pC specs are i7 4790 processor , 16gb ram, gigabyte 3.60 ghz motherboard.

  7. My problem solved😁, I often think of destroying my pc, and I beat it hard, cuz I was in the middle of an important, urgent work, and it keeps shutting off randomly, it's solved now😊
    Every problem has a solution

  8. Wait what. I guess that if you do this it would be bigger temperature and rip cpu. Please can you explain?

  9. I changed the maximum cpu speed in 80% and the pc continue to turn off again when watching video or playng games, and then i changed only the maximum cpu speed in 60% and the problem solved, my laptop don't turn off..

  10. Surely works on old hp laptop thank for sharing.
    Easy way go to safemode start computer and keep pressing f8 and choose yhe safe mode option.

  11. Hey bro need help my windows is shuting down if it connected to internet,

    The first thing that happens when I open the pc is after 5 mins in the desktop screen from opening it begun to run a certain commands then shutdown, if i remove the internet commands appear and error appear but it can work normally but no internet

  12. Can u plz explain why by default settings needs to be changed???..n what rsn behind it ….if u can help me in knowing those things…..

  13. Bro, I have Toshiba satellite c655 when I unplugged it from charging it goes shutdown and won't start until it plugged again My battery is fine

  14. So we have the windows server 2008.
    It is getting shutdown sporadically and manually the server needs to be made up.

    The event log says the ID is 1074.
    Any help to find out the root cause of the issue will be highly appreciated.

  15. Mine shuts down automatically after a seconds. Is putting a thermal paste on my cpu will it solved?? Pls helpp


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