Grab a Beer at Southern Swells in Jacksonville Beach

Southern Swells, a relatively new Jacksonville craft beer producer located only minutes away from the surf and sea of Jacksonville Beach. The name alone is certain to grab any avid beach goers or surfers attention as they head towards the Atlantic Ocean. Being a huge fan of craft beer, I knew this was a brewery I had to go check out and see for my own eyes. To say the least I was not disappointed as I stepped through Southern Swells glistening front doors, this place is truly a beer connoisseur’s fantasy. The entire layout and design of the brewery alone is incredible. There is a selection of tables ranging from high-top to low tops, and typical bar seating all along the front side of the bar as one would expect. If you decide to take a look towards the back of the brewery, you’ll notice the glass windows showcasing the gigantic metal tanks all the house beer is brewed in. The beer taps are switched out on a weekly basis with a combination of local brews and Southern Swells delectable array of beers, making this Jacksonville brewery the perfect place for someone who prefers to drink a variety of beer.

Atmosphere at Southern Swells

The atmosphere of Southern Swells Brewery seems to almost tingle with electricity, especially if you decide to stop in for a couple beers on a Friday night. But don’t be scared off if you see a lot of cars outside the brewery, because this place is large enough to handle a great sum of people and then some more. Not only are they crowd friendly, they are children and pet friendly too. The one downside to Southern Swells is the lack of a kitchen. This Jacksonville Brewery is strictly beer, wine, and of course fun times. But have no fear! You can always order pizza, subs, or Chinese to the brewery and have it hand delivered to your table. Or even walk down the road to the local taco stand to grab a quick bite if you are feeling slightly adventurous. I have tried all these options and each are equally fulfilling depending on your mood.

The Beer Choices

The beers at Southern Swells in Jax Beach range from IPAs, porters, lagers, hard ciders, pale ales, and even saisons. A personal favorite of mine is a unique elixir called “Truth Juice.” This bad boy is a double brewed IPA with an ABV range of 8%, this beer is definitely not for the lighthearted. There’s a reason it’s called Truth Juice folks. Another favorite of mine is called “In A Galaxy Really Really Close By.” The name alone caught my attention, and the taste made me stay. This beer is a punch of fruity flavors straight to the face with a smooth finish. In A Galaxy Really Really Close By is perfection in a cold glass. Both of these excellent beers may have limited availability throughout the seasons, so make sure stop by often.

Southern Swells has definitely made a name for themselves in the Jacksonville craft beer community in a short amount of time. Even if you are not an avid beer drinker, you can sit back and relax, and take in the sights, smells, and sounds of this local Jacksonville craft beer company hard at work. You will not be disappointed.

Southern Swells Brewing

Address and Hours:

1312 Beach Blvrd
Jacksonville Beach, FL 32250


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