Jacksonville, FL to Miami, FL: A Complete Real-Time Road Trip

That is half 3 of the real-time model of my Virginia to Florida street journey that I did within the winter of 2021. This video is from Jacksonville, FL to Miami, FL, performed January 30-31, 2021.

The counties in Florida handed by means of are:

Duval: 0:00-37:42
St Johns: 37:42-1:48:24
Flagler: 1:48:24-2:15:25
Volusia: 2:15:25-3:41:03
Brevard: 3:41:03-5:23:06
Indian River: 5:23:06-5:52:27
St. Lucie: 5:52:27-6:27:59
Martin: 6:27:59-7:10:29
Palm Seaside: 7:10:29-8:52:20
Broward: 8:52:20-9:55:34
Miami-Dade: 9:55:34-11:16:56

how far is miami from jacksonville

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  • Hello,как можно молчать и не слушать музыку все это время?😀

  • 10:39:41 Here’s a bit of trivia for you: When this video was recorded, the Symphony of the Seas (The ship on the left here) was the largest cruise ship in the world by gross tonnage! So, there you go 🙂

  • what car do you drive/own in your videos? I still can't stop watching your videos, it helps me a lot to get to sleep and nap in the afternoon

  • Hi from france,
    Sorry for my english.
    I had just discovered your Chanel.
    It's so interresting for someone who have never put a feet in usa.
    Theremore, i'm a driver too, but in small truck.
    I Will apreciate a lot if you present you and your work in à spécial video. You di'nt need film your face or record your voice. Just some sentences with photo Will be so Nice.( for example, your truck, name and performance , your '' cabine '' where you sleep, how many fuel you use in 100miles…)
    So, now i want just thanx you, for your vidéo and your work on it.

  • Fascinating and relaxing journey once again..May I just ask do you do your journeys for business or for holidays ?

  • I am a devoted fan, Unclecoolie, and I know you get a lot of requests. Here's mine. Interstate 10 from Jacksonville to LA. Fascinating trip I've done as far as Houston but will never be able to complete it.

  • You should do the way to Florida and back at hyperlapse. This comment is coming from Johnson County, Indiana

  • What go pro did you use ? And did you enjoy traveling alone ? What are the pro’s and con’s ? I think that if you talk on another how to vedio about all those questions you get . Would be even better if you go live .

  • this is incredible …thanks for your efforts … can you please tel us what camera you use and how what software you use for the overlays..is it part of the camera itself…
    you should put that info in the description hopefully you can get some amazon affiliate links ..you thoroughly deserve it …all the b east and looking forward to more

  • Was wondering if you could do a trip from Southern California To Washington state via I-5 to the Seattle area. I’ve been to Oregon before and planning on going to the Seattle area in the summer. Would love to see the beauty of those 3 states on this channel, as there’s a lot of scenery on the route except for the Central Valley and SoCal. Thanks!

  • Just found out about your channel , thank you so much for putting together this amazing work , I can’t thank you enough . What took me to this was that I wanted to drive from seattle to Johnstown PA alone Jan 2022 , and was looking for something to provide some information. I’m still thinking about doing it , any thoughts or advice or even a warning ? Thanks ..

  • I been on I 95 from Jacksonville to Daytona Beach

  • You should do a real time trip through Tampa. I watched the St. Petersburg to Marysville trip, and you passed within two miles of my house during the drive through Tampa in the timelapse version

  • I would love to see you do a Southern road trip, maybe from Florida to southern California?

  • what car are you driving ? please answer coz i am thinking of buying a reliable and suitable vehicle for a long road trip and spend few years on road. Your answer will help me in choosing the right vehicle. tnx

  • Always amazed by your videos. How you can sit there and not say a word. Humm a tune. Yell at someone. Ruffle a bag of chips. My hat is off to you sir.

  • I don’t recall if I already asked this question but do you go on these trips for fun cause you like to travel or do you have a reason to go like for business or something?

  • Love the videos! If you’re still in Florida, I’d love to see a real time road trip video if you passing through North Florida on I-10. Grew up riding that road on road trips.

  • Hey Unclecoolie, I was just wondering what equipment and/or software do you use to record your drives and show all the graphics on screen?

  • Beautiful drive! Also if you have time in the near future, maybe in the summer of 2022, try driving from NYC to the Buffalo/Niagara area, a 7 hour 400 mile drive. The drive is easy, and the route I personally recommend as I went to Buffalo this way on summer of 2021 is through NY, and not through other states. Just head north on I-87 to Albany, will take you 2 and a half hours, then take I-90 and head straight west to Buffalo, taking you through major cities like Syracuse and Rochester. Also this route has many rest stops. The other route going thru NJ and Penn state has some, but I didn't really see much when I went that way in 2020. Also you go through smaller cities like Pocono, Scranton, Binghamton, Ithaca, before getting on I-90 near Fulton/Syracuse. It is kind of faster, but if you want a more scenic drive and you already went through Penn state and NJ, take I-87 to Albany through the Catskills, and once at Albany you're almost there. Utica is more of the halfway point from NYC and Buffalo. Anyways stay safe !!!



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