Jacksonville, Florida’s Natasha Boykin case

A 24-year-old Florida lady sends off a flurry of textual content messages. Hours later she’s discovered lifeless from a single bullet straight via the center. Her mom is satisfied her daughter did not kill herself. A non-public investigator believes police and the health worker have been so satisfied Natasha Boykin pulled the set off herself that they by no means completely investigated the likelihood she was murdered. From 2018: https://bit.ly/3mbmMTv

Key: the place is jacksonville florida situated

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  • Unbelievable the medical examiner said my opinion is a suicide and everybody has their opinions as a medical examiner there should be no opinions it should be fact base yes somebody throat was cut, yes they were shot or yes it was a suicide determining by medical facts only not your guests or opinion that sounds like a cover-up and corruption

  • That M.E is an Idiot. Lazy police work. Despicable. I said at the beginning it seems like the best friend had some play in this. I said to my husband I wouldn't be surprised if we hear she ended up with the guy….yep. they're killers.

  • so what was point of detector test lol ???…he was not asked if he shot her or asked if he knew who did !!!!! what a load of b.s cop work lol

  • Undetermined is a cop out but suicidal isn’t even though it’s not a suicide.
    Lady said i wrote suicide because undetermined would ruin my image.
    This is the world we live in now.

  • She could have been forced to kill herself somewhere else. Then (Casey) moves her body to his apartment where he pulled the trigger to make it look like suicide.

  • Tasha's friend is brought to the station, only told about death investigation. It could be anyone but she immediately says: Tasha died?
    Then immediately knows how she died, by asking if Tasha killed herself.
    What a shitty actor and shitty human, like murderer too.

  • Angel is an amazing mother, like wow! She looked through photos of her daughter because she knew in her heart that it wasn’t suicide but at the same time, asked someone else to look as well to make sure she wasn’t just a grieving mother, I mean that’s amazing. She gave to an PI to make sure she had the facts! She wasn’t going to let this go but was also healthy about it! Idk if I could do that, I hope I would, to make sure I’m covered everywhere. I’m in awe.

  • I would never want that lady to do an autopsy on me or anyone I love. She should not be in that profession.

  • The friend asked “did she do it herself?” She did it n the boyfriend did it, they both murdered her so they could have a life together. One of definitely shot her when they “met up” with eachother at the bar. She asked if she did it herself because she wanted to know if she was going to be investigated for murder.

  • I smell something fishy why on earth just after the tragedy the boyfriend and the so called friend end up together?



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