Jacksonville Jaguars 2022 NFL Draft Player Comparison: Aidan Hutchison vs Kayvon Thibodeaux

Aidan Hutchinson & Kayvon Thibodeaux are each elite edge rushers who may presumably be each taken primary general. On this video I break down each gamers and who I might take if I used to be the Jaguars.

Let me know who you’d take between them!!

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Brett James


  • Naw bro. Aidan is a 1 year wonder and his pass rush is SLOW. Kayvon is a game changer since a FRESHMAN. He is more athletic and when he gets pressure its almost immediately. That's what Jags need Aidan had 1 good year and played opposite of another 1st round EDGE Ojabo. Kayvon has produced every year. Even last year through injury he had more sacks than Travon Walker. Had it not been for the ankle injury Kayvon would of had even more sacks last year. Kayvon is the BEST EDGE and that's who JAGS need to DRAFT.

  • I really like Trayvon Walker from Georgia absolute freak like Thibodeaux. He also ran a 4.5 and he’s still very raw, this was a new position for him this year and he had 7.5 sacks and is an incredible run stuffer I think the sky’s the limit for him. I also don’t like how Thibodeaux takes plays off and seems lost at times on the field. Hutchinson is far more polished than walker but his ceiling is way higher. Reminds me of Bradley Chubb from the broncos.

  • Man honestly as long as it's Thibs Hutch or one of the top linemen we should be good, but we can't take a flyer on Walker. It may work but it's too risky.

  • People also need to go watch Will Anderson versus Georgia also. He got locked out, same exact stat line. They were both neutralized by good game planning and ball control

  • Hutchinson got destroyed in the Georgia game. How can he handled pro lineman if you can't handle the best in college. He's not as strong on the bench press. He had a guy helping while bench pressing on his pro day. Check out his video. He maybe a good player but not a #1 draft pick. I would drafted Evan Neal at #1 pick and if Thibodeaux is gone then at pick #33 I would select Jermaine Johnson FSU. Also on leadership the Jags have had many good leadership players that can't play.

  • Smart move would be bringing in NICK FOLES ! He would make a great Mentor/Extra Coach to help develop Lawrence. Plus a big + for Doug Pederson having Foles back and Foles knowing Pedersons playbook

  • I want Jacksonville to take whoever they think is the best offensive lineman in this class because having a dominant offensive line is always the best way to help your franchise qb also , I want this to happen so Detroit can take Hutchinson at pick 2 because I want to see him with there head coach Dan Campbell which would be fun to watch and because I watched every snap of Aidan's Michigan football career and I like how he plays so I want him to move just down a road to play for Detroit.

  • So based upon their builds, combine performance, and use in college I would say the real difference comes down to the style of defense the team plans to play. Kayvon seems to be more of 3-4 OLB/Edge Rusher, where as Aidan seems to be more of a 4-3 DE/Edge Rusher. Idk if either is truly worthy of #1 pick, but then again I really don't think anyone in this class has stood out enough to be worthy of the #1 pick. With that said I think I would still prefer an O-Linemen that we can have as anchor for Trevor's entire career.

  • Hey Brett sorry I missed the video yesterday.. wife was asleep cause she works night shift so I was taking care of the kids and a new puppy lol.. but I seriously thing it's gonna be hutchinson.. I think thibs goes to detroit

  • Well you were very bias lol said Thyb doesn’t bind the corner good 😂😂😂 that’s a straight up lie

  • I have a gut feeling that Hutchinson will be even better than what people think. I just look at his growth and how he's gotten insanely better while easily developing technique, plus his RAS grade was the best ever by a guy 6'6 and up and the 10th best from a DE since 1987. I'm not sure if he will ever be as dominant as Myles or Bosa, but I wouldn't write it off that he can't.

  • BJ, I agree with you 1000%! Peterson and Baalke proofed that one of the top things they were looking for was leadership when they hired the players during free agency. I don't think we could find a better first draft pick! You are number one in my book — thanks BJ!

  • Just pick Hutch and move on. He did it against better competition and much better leader.

  • Hey Brett love your content,you should do a video on who jags will get on pick 33,(wide reciever etc…)

  • Adian Hutch will be a bust..most likely Chassion and Taven Brian. 1 year of decent production..super underwhelming in his first couple of years at M. Also, they are saying Hutch is 6'7. How many 6'7 dominant pass rushers have you seen? Talk about Hutch weak axx bench press 🤣 got help on the par halfaxx racks. This guy is not Chase Young and he is not Garrett. Thibs was hurt most of the year and still played. They said Thibs still had lingering issues in that game. Just take a olineman..yall keep wanting these boy scouts..lets keep getting choir boys and stay below .500.



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