Jacksonville Jaguars GIVING Trevor Lawrence Quality Supporting Cast

The Jacksonville Jaguars are giving Trevor Lawrence the supporting solid he must be profitable within the NFL. New Jaguars coach Doug Pederson has introduced a plan to Jacksonville and they’re surrounding Trevor Lawrence with high quality expertise. The Jacksonville Jaguars have given Trevor Lawrence a greater offensive line and a deeper, extra gifted receiving corps. This supporting solid will give Trevor Lawrence every thing he must develop right into a high quarterback for the Jaguars.

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Saturday Morning Inspection


  • With Linder retiring we still need to go OL with the first pick. Evan Neal or one of the other top rated guys seams like the right pick to me. I wish there was a superstar QB in the draft and we could trade the pick, but since there isn't, go with protecting Trevor. If he is the team's future and everybody hopes and prays that he is, do whatever is necessary to make him successful. The defense can wait.

  • Dj chark has one good year with the jaguars and he had trouble staying healthy losing dj chark was not that big of a loss

  • Key word “quality” supporting cast. The Jags still lack a superstar type player on both sides of the ball but still got better in FA

  • Linder just retired….I have not bought into Hutchinson at all. Want someone to protect Trevor even more.

  • Excited jags fan here. Still in a rebuild and have to find our identity but we definitely arnt getting worse with the moves were making. Think we finally have a man with a plan in Doug Peterson and love hows hes actually building the roster the way he wants the team to look.

  • I don’t think Jacksonville can recover from the Meyer mess in just 1 year.

    The players, coaching staff, and front office have to have some kind of synch. Just a year ago, the front office was sure that Meyer was the best guy for them.

    Meyer is gone, thank goodness, but has the front office gone through a complete shakeup?



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