Jacksonville teen’s murder becomes subject of TikTok trend. His mother calls it ‘ignorant’

The homicide of an 18-year-old Jacksonville guy turns into the middle of a national Tik Tok Development. Corbin Johnson disappeared in 2018, and his stays had been discovered a 12 months later. A rap tune with information about his homicide has been trending on Tik Tok for the previous few weeks. News4Jax I-Workforce investigator Corley Peel spoke with Johnson’s mom in regards to the reputation her son’s case is gaining.

who’s jacksonville named after



  • Who in the H made these verses about deceased people for TikTok & thought that was cool. Just WOW!!

  • I can remember when Desi (another dude named in the song) died. I was beyond shocked because I know the family and I thought I knew the kid. He was named after his grandpa Desi Varner and his dad Kim use to be a police officer and was always on his kids back but everybody has a life u may or may not be aware of no matter how good they had it coming up…. Smh

  • I don't think anyone knew this tik tok was real. I'm just finding out and it makes me super sad. I never liked the song anyways because of the lyrics I'd never make fun of missing or people that have passed away.

  • Of course his mother calls it “ignorant”. It’s the only “big word” they know 😂

  • Where’s Corbin 🤣 but she crying ignorant but her son was ketching bodies and dissing dead opps my city so crazy Jacksonville

  • OMGGGGGG I heard one of my little cousins doing this tik tok. I was like WHO is this artist to even make a song like this?!?! My heart breaks knowing that these are actually VICTIMS being exploited like this. My prayers to ALL the families that have been affected by this. Just because something is a trend doesn’t mean that it’s morally right or ethical.

  • That karma he is putting out smh he’s beyond prayer it’s just a matter of time now ⏳

  • Don’t get mad at the fans singing the song we ain’t make the song 🤦🏿‍♂️

  • I'm so sorry for your loss beautiful I pray that God finds justice for your son Corbin May he rest in peace . May God strength and find you through this difficult time in Jesus name amen.

  • yall are just idiots with no future! yall should just jump in front of a moving semi trailer

  • stupid is as stupid does! a whole generation needs to be euthanized too many ignorant dumb "people " out here.

  • Jus cus everybody else apologizing I'm not bc it was just a song that had nth to do with the ppl that were doing the trend

  • This is why I think the police should be able to use lyrics to music as evidence. Didn't know the meaning to the bar.. people are retarded

  • I’m so sorry to hear this😓 it’s very disgusting to know he knowingly made a song of someones murder and it was trending on the internet. I’m very mindful of the Tiktoks I create to not promote drugs or violence. We have to be more responsible than this Lord heal our land!

  • He shoulda never been involved in dat lifestyle tbh of course the mom doesn’t care cuz that’s her baby boy but let’s not act like yungin Ace ain’t start this by dissing Bibby . Y’all pick n choose what y’all want to acknowledge but “who I smoke” sparked this corbin bar

  • Tik tok is the most unintelligent social platform.. all 12 year olds or people looking for attention/validation.. it’s embarrassing at this point



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