6 Tips to Study Effectively

By: Taylor Millstone

Sometimes college can become overwhelming with so many assignments and so little time. You
may head to the local Jacksonville coffee shop with all your books, hoping to take on the world,
and then end up looking at cat memes on Instagram for an hour instead. This isn’t unusual. We all have.

One of the keys to success in college is learning to study smarter instead of harder. Before you head to
see your local barista, keep these six tips in mind.

Jacksonville coffee shops

1-Plan your Study Schedule a Week in Advance

Set aside 30 minutes a week and plan how much time you will spend on each class. Think about which
assignments will take you longer and which ones you can get out of the way quickly. If you sit down to
read your dense textbook with no plan in mind, you’ll probably become overwhelmed, lose interest, and
may end up scrolling through profiles on tinder. When you plan your time, you will feel like you’ve
relieved a lot of your stress.

2- Form a study group

Sitting at the local coffeeshop by yourself can feel lonely which may make you more unproductive.
Forming a study group makes studying a more enjoyable activity. You can test each other on the subject
and hold each other accountable. It almost becomes a competition, not reality tv level, but still intense.

3- Continually Quiz Yourself

Even if your professor doesn’t offer a practice exam, you can find plenty of sample quizzes in the book
or interactive quizzes online. Passively reading material doesn’t ensure you really know it. Flashcards
can help a lot too. If you are waiting on your study partners who are running behind, then pull out your
flashcards and quiz yourself.

4- Find a Good Study Space

If you study while watching tv or around a roommate, you may become distracted. Instead go to a quiet
place like a library, park or restaurant. You’ll be able to concentrate more easily and use
your time more productively. While it may be tempting to play the latest “Bachelor” episode in the
background, it will ultimately make your studying less effective.

5- Have a Positive Attitude

You’ve probably heard this constantly from your parents, but it’s still true. Don’t expect the worst or put
yourself down when you do poorly. Look at everything as a learning experience. Einstein almost got
kicked out of school, but then won a Nobel Peace Prize. Even geniuses make mistakes.

6- Treat Yo’ Self

Face it. We all thrive off rewards. You are working hard to graduate and earn your diploma. That doesn’t
mean you shouldn’t reward yourself along the way. After you have finished a long night’s studying, grab
a sweet snack like a double chocolate cheesecake at the local Jacksonville coffee shop.
If you develop good study skills, they will become second nature and will make your life a lot easier. It
will allow you to save time for the things you enjoy.