V Pizza

Jacksonville Beach, FL

The art of pizza. If you’re a pizza lover like me, you’ve probably eaten many pizzas in your day. Some good, some ok, and some really not ok, but I’m here to tell you that V-Pizza is top notch on the Pizza scale. Their goal was to bring old world Italy to Jacksonville and oh boy did they succeed. In classic little Italy style, the goal is to love the ovens, ingredients and people. First off the ovens, the ovens you see are the only cooking devices they have. The oven quality is very important. V-Pizza knew that and spent many months researching the best oven that would do the high quality ingredients justice. The best of the best pizza oven were made in Naples Italy. Three months later, the first 3 commissioned ovens where on their way to Jacksonville. These wood fired ovens hang out at about 950 degrees and cook your pizza in about a minute and a half.

Sure, the ovens do their part, but what’s so great about V Pizza?

V-Pizza is committed to quality and won’t settle for anything less. This of course includes the ingredients. The dough is made fresh every morning made with 00 flour imported from Italy. 00 flour naturally has a lower gluten level, its not been bleached or enriched either. The ingredients that go into the dough is simple: 00 flour, sea salt, olive oil, distilled water and yeast. That’s right no sugar needed. But the freshness doesn’t stop there. The mozzarella is only the freshest cheese made from buffalo milk. Definitely a unique flavorful taste and springly texture, this special mozzarella is only fresh for 19 days, which means more gets shipped in every week from Italy for your enjoyment. Tomato sauce? That’s made from San Marzano tomatoes which are considered the most flavorful tomatoes in the world. Tomatoes are fresh and tasty, no preservatives needed. This also means they get fresh shipments of tomatoes every week. In addition to 00 flour, mozzarella and tomatoes, V-Pizza also imports the freshest, tastiest, prosciutto, peppers and and Italian bacon (pancetta). A pizza so fresh and true to the original pizza standard, with each not being quite round and little bits of blackened crust from the wood fired oven. This is how pizza is supposed to be made.

The atmosphere is loaded with character, V-Pizza takes a lot of consideration into its locations. The original pizzeria started in an old industrial style building the was originally a paint store. Though the restaurants are unique they haven’t strayed from the original goal centered around the ovens, the food and the people. Though they have taken great care into selecting buildings that are just as unique as the food, in addition, each has a sidecar bar for example V Pizza/tap garden or V Pizza/Flask and Cannon.

With lunch specials, specialty pizzas to pick from, or you can make your own. Though pizza is the specialty. They offer much more than pizza, for example, oven roasted chicken wings, fresh salads, meatballs, bruschetta, pesto gouda cavatappi (mac ‘n’ cheese), paninis, calzones and stromboli. Oh and dessert? Cannoli, tiramisù, chocolate mousse, and authentic italian gelato. So many tasty food choices to pick from. All reasonably priced, too. They also cater their amazing food to your next big party, and each location of V Pizza has plenty of room for you to bring your party or event to them. You just have to ask; simple as that. With a super kind helpful staff who’s sure to be able to answer any questions.