Jacksonville Travel Guide : Fernandina Bch, Neptune Beach, Jax Beach, and Ponte Vedra

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On this video we display the Jacksonville Area together with Ponte Vedra Seashore(3:33), Jax Seashore (4:25), Neptune Seashore (7:28), and Fernandina Seashore (20:09) in addition to the neighborhoods of Southside (9:22), Riverside (14:21), and Brooklyn (15:27). The puts of pursuits are indexed beneath.

Journey Touchdown Amusement Park (5:19) 944 Seashore Blvd, Jax Bch
Kona Skate Park (18:10) 8739 Kona Ave, Jacksonville
Jacksonville Zoo & Gardens (18:34) www.JacksonvilleZoo.org
Amelia Island Horsback Rides (21:13) 4600 Peters Level Rd, Fernandina Bch

Amelia River Cruises (24:25) 1 N Entrance St, Fernandina Seashore
St Johns River Taxi (11:35) JaxRiverTaxi.com

Palm Valley Bar & Grille (3:40) 377 S Roscoe Blvd, Ponte Vedra
Joe’s Crab Shack (5:47) 6 Seashore Blvd, Jax Bch
Hawkers Asian Side road Meals (7:37) 241 Atlantic Blvd, Neptune Bch
Ragtime Tavern Seafood & Grill (7:46) 207 Atlantic Blvd, Atlantic Bch
North Bch Fish Camp (7:52) 100 1st St, Neptune Bch
Lemon Bar Neptune Bch (8:02) 120 Atlantic Blvd, Neptune Bch
Ruths Chris Steakhouse (11:54) 1201 Riverplace Blvd, Jacksonville
Chart Space Seafood & Steads (11:57) 1501 Riverplace Blvd, Jacksonville
River Town Brewing Corporate (13:33) 835 Museum Cir, Jacksonville
Daring Bean Espresso Roasters (14:30) 869 Stockton St, Jacksonville
Burrito Gallery Brooklyn (16:11) 90 Riverside Ave #601, Jacksonville
Pete’s Connoisseur Sweet (17:14) 400 N Hogan St, Jacksonville
Sandollar Eating place (19:15) 9716 Heckscher Dr, Jacksonville
Sliders Beach Grill (21:33) 1998 S Fletcher Ave, Fernandina Bch
Salt Lifestyles Meals Shack (22:23) 17 N Fletcher Ave, Fernandina Bch
Palace Saloon (22:50) 117 Centre St, Fernandina Bch
Improbable Fudge (23:28) 218 Centre St, Fernandina Bch
Island Time Ice Cream & Yogurt (23:39) 306 Centre St, Fernandina Bch
Amelia Tavern (23:47) 318 Centre St, Fernandina Bch
Boathouse Seafood Eating place (23:52) 30 S second St, Fernandina Bch
Brett’s Waterway Cafe (24:01) 1 S Entrance St, Fernandina Bch
Salty Pelican (24:05) 12 N Entrance St, Fernandina Bch

Ponte Vedra Inn & Membership (4:13) 200 Ponte Vedra Blvd, Ponte Vedra
4 Issues Sheraton (6:02) 11 1st St N, Jax Bch
Margaritaville Hotel (6:33) 715 1st St N, Jax Bch
Hampton Inn Oceanfront (7:14) 1515 1st St N, Jax Bch
Seahorse Oceanfront Inn (8:02) 120 Atlantic Blvd, Neptune Bch
Hyatt Position St Johns The city Ctr(10:04) 4727 The city Middle Pkwy, Jacksonville
L. a. Quinta Inn Southside (14:05) 4686 Lenoir Ave, Jacksonville
Hampton Inn Fernandina Bch (23:56) 19 S second St, Fernandina Bch

Huguenot Park (4:28) 218 sixteenth Ave S, Jax Bch
Oceanfront Park (4:42) 429 1st St S, Jax Bch
Seawalk Pavilion (6:05) 75 1st St S, Jax Bch
Kathryn Abbey Hanna Park (8:12) 500 Wonderwood Dr, Jacksonville
Friendship Fountain (11:23) 1015 Museum Cir, Jacksonville
Northbank Riverwalk Park Touchdown (16:04) 401 Riverside Ave, Jacksonville
James Weldon Johnson Park (16:44) 135 W Monroe, Jacksonville
Huguenot Memorial Park (19:23) 10980 Heckcher Dr, Jacksonville
Amelia Island State Park (20:11) Hwy A1A Fernandina Bch
Amelia Island Path (20:37)
Peters Level Beachfront Park (20:58) 4600 Peters Level Rd, Fernandina Bch
Beach Park (21:25) 2002 S Fletcher Ave, Fernandina Bch
Primary Side road Park (21:59) 309 1/2 Centre St, Fernandina Bch

Seashores The city Middle (7:28) 0 Atlantic Blvd, Neptune Bch
St Johns Towncenter (9:35) 4663 River Town Dr, Jacksonville

Sentosa Beachwalk Flats (3:03) 65 Sentosa Dr, St Johns
Beacon Lake Develpment (3:27) 850 Beacon Lake Pkwy, St Augustine
807 1st St N Condos (7:06) Jax Bch
Ravella at Towncenter Flats (9:55) 4674 The city Middle Pkwy, Jacksonville
Vast Stone River Space Flats (12:36) 1655 Prudential Dr, Jacksonville
Riverside St Johns Flats (15:02) 555 Bishop Gate Ln, Jacksonville
Park Plaza Condos (15:09) 505 Lancaster St, Jacksonville
Broadview Towers (15:15) 1596 Lancaster Ter, Jacksonville
Vista Brooklyn (15:34) 200 Riverside Ave, Jacksonville
220 Riverside Flats (15:46) 220 Riverside Ave, Jacksonville

St Johns River Taxi (11:35) JaxRiverTaxi.com
JTA Skyway (17:18) www.JTAFla.com
St Johns River Ferry (19:05) St JohnsRiverFerry.com

College of North Florida (10:07)
Glen Kernan Golfing & Nation Membership (9:21) 4590 Glen Kernan Pkwy, Jacksonville

Global Golfing Village (2:47) 1 Global Golfing Pl, St Augustine
TPC at Sawgrass (3:56) 110 Championship Manner, Ponte Vedra

Museum of Science & Historical past (11:00) 1025 Museum Cir, Jacksonville
Cummer Museum of Artwork & Gdns (14:45) 829 Riverside Ave, Jacksonville
Museum of Fresh Artwork (17:06) 333 N Laura St, Jacksonville

College of North Florida (10:08) 1 UNF Dr, Jacksonville

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  • Beautiful video🙃 Thank you! Love the drone's work, it brings so much views from the top🤩 If y'all appreciate the fresh fishes go to the Safe Harbor Seafood Restaurant in Mayport, not far from the ferry! Cool spot, easy, real folks. I miss Jax Beach where I used to live, so much I realized it's where my heart is…sooo, I'm working hard on a project to get the right visa to come back, I can't wait😍 I used to live in Fernandina Beach too…Amelia Island is quite gorgeous!! The Live oaks and their moss plant with incredible natural light going through…yep, so many beauties there…check the Big Talbot Driftwood Beach, you won't regret ((; The Sunshine State is an amazing land💚💙💛❤…well, I'll have to tell you about my "Georgia on my mind" one day… take care y'all

  • Thank you for this great video. My wife and I plan to go to Jacksonville for the first time this year. We are going to be there over Halloween.

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  • This is a really great video and such a pretty footage of the beaches! Thank you for sharing amazing information on our beaches in Northeast Florida

  • Ponte Vedra, for most locals, is pronounced Pah-tah Veed-rah, not the way it is pronounced in the video. It's named after Ponte Vedra, Spain.

  • They need to stop promoting living in Jacksonville, the prices are getting ridiculous because of the amount of people moving here and development going on. I miss my old Jacksonville. My first apt at 18 was on the st jonhs river front and was only 550 a mth in 2008. Now you cant find a place under 1400 and if you do it's not descent. Stop promoting population congestion. The city won't be beautiful for long with this mass development going on. I loved jax because of its beautiful nature beaches and city life, but the nature of it is being destroyed completely.

  • Mmmm yes is beautiful from St Augustine to Fernandina beach but authorities need to work a little be more in Downtown and surrounded areas if you know what i talking about.

  • I appreciate the video and time put into the guide. I lived in Florida for a while and I realized everywhere you go it’s the same thing (with the exceptions of museums) eat food and go to the beach, that’s it. I’m not including all the things to do at the beach because that’s too vast. The terrain is too flat . As for the crime, it’s terrible, the society construct is divided by rich and poor and the middle class is scattered throughout these neighborhoods. As for seeing people say there’s tons to do, very inaccurate. My wife and I love going out, we go to new bars,pubs and restaurants every other day. We jet ski, look at the sights and visit every museum,garden and just about any event. We now live in San Diego,CA , hands down the most beautiful city in California. Fortunately San Diego in a very Red city (not that it matters to some) , very pet friendly city and here there is a ton to do. We’ve lived here for years and we still haven’t done and seen everything. Now I’ll be going back to Jacksonville, not because I want to but because I have to and am not happy about it a single bit. Oh and the weather is horrible, it’s like an armpit. Imagine going from the most perfect weather in the US and then diving head first into a jock strap.

  • DTWD baby! Born and raised and never leaving. Know every river, waterway, creek and nook n cranny exploring w my boat or seadoo over the yrs.

  • Thank you for this, this is the best video I've seen show-casing Jacksonville. I live in Jacksonville and loved living here, I've learned about some places I haven't been to.

  • This was a very thorough video. Thank you very much for taking the time to do this research!

  • This was a very thorough video. Thank you very much for taking the time to do this research!

  • Love this thank you! So much to explore in this great city. Look forward moving here !

  • Downtown riverside district has tremendous potential – I think maybe that’s what Lot J was supposed to be. But personally I love Ponte Vedra and all areas north and south of town, where it feels a little country but also still upscale.

  • This video is so full of informational, geographical, and pronunciation errors, it's embarrassing.

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