Jaw-Dropping Tattoo Reveals We’re STILL Not Over 😧 Best of: How Far Is Tattoo Far? #AloneTogether

The belongings you see on How Far Is Tattoo Far? you don’t overlook simply. And the individuals who get the tattoos? They positively keep in mind. Listed below are a number of the tattoo reveals that also have our jaws on the ground.

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Key: how far is jacksonville from the seaside


  • Thats so bad 21.30 has to take her appointments to the grave 😂😂 aww damn

  • Oh. My. God 😂 I felt sorry for like half them, and the other half totally deserved it 😂

  • Dude everyone knows that tan was fake as hell and honestly no one cares if you have a fake or real tan

  • 9:46
    That’s the most disgusting thing I’ve ever hearer someone do and she’s upset at her sister for helping people who cant have children??

  • So helping a person have a child because they can not have children or could die is a bad thing?

  • Whoever produced this show in this day in age sucks. I'm not gonna watch it. I hope you dont either. Lowest point I'm human history.

  • 19:05 Brad had the best tattoo idea well done mate 💯

    20:08 Yeah you're in college not studying but trying to turn yourself into a fķňğ brothel 🤡 if that's what you're in college for Than don't go , ask pornhub for a hook up if you wanna f random people so bad 🤡

    20:40 Oh its not right but you still do it 🤡


    How much more of a 🤡 can this girl be 🥴

  • Why do they always act shocked ?🤡
    Both the judges and the people that get the tattoo 🤡 this is a whole clown show

  • I swear white people dnt not understand what bro cold means as long if she not yr baby mama or yr wife it's cool but never for no bitch that's not yr baby mama or wife I let my homeboys fucc my ex bitches just like they let me fucc there ex bitches but never no babymama or wife or ex wife

  • Is nobody gonna talk about how the tattoo girl in the back looks like delorise from encanto

  • “Wanted her to see the real value in herself”
    puts slut shaming tattoo on lower back

  • the sister literally scamming people for concert money saying someone they know died being pissed but she literally calls her sister a prostitute for being a surrogate?

  • There’s nothing wrong with wanting just sex.. that’s what majority of people do now, they’re having fun before settling down fr. Guys do it A LOT, why? Because it’s living life, while also being safe 🤷🏽‍♀️

  • whats wrong with being a Surrogate? she’s literally helping another family create their family whats her problem😂

  • What’s so embarrassing about her putting her finger in her mouth? It’s not like they filmed her picking her nose n eating it? Why is that something she got bullied for?

  • Everyone be talking about the surrogate tattoo. I’m over here adoring the two friends of the guy and girl with the drinking tattoo looking out for each other. Yeah the tattoos are shitty, but they worry for each other and I think that’s sweet.

  • Why do they keep saying , “THIS TATTO IS FOREVER” . Did y’all know tattoos can get removed ! 😭

  • "renting your vagina"……. I can't pretend to know what it's like being a surrogate mother, but I know some things. Most of them do NOT do it for money. Her sister deserves whatever Karma comes her way

  • honestly I feel bad for the ppl on this show cause you cannot even begin to be a real friend or significant other and then do something horrible like that..

  • Pissed how that guy who sent DPs gets to say all he wants to her and they don’t beat his ass up for his bullshit

  • The tattoo on Imani (the girl with the video sent around) could be fixed. Maybe she can make it so the fingers have red finger nails and the teeth aren’t rotten. Then it’ll look cute

  • as a young man im truly disgusted by that surrogate tattoo truly made me angry, cause how is someone who’s helping another woman have a family when they can’t do it themselves just pisses me off for comparing her own sister to a prostitute, like wtf 😒



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