Bold Bean Coffee Roasters

Jacksonville, Florida

By: Taylor Millstone

You don’t have to travel the world to find a rich, authentic coffee. Bold Bean Coffee Roasters, a
local Jacksonville coffee shop, offers an array of blends from every country. It’s such an interesting
experience to test flavors from Brazil to El Salvador. They also serve some wonderful herbal teas. If you
are with kids, they can try their delicious hot chocolate. This Jacksonville coffee shop certainly has
something for everyone.

Bold Bean Jacksonville Beach

Maybe one day you are unsure what you want or just want to try something new. If you give the
barista a general idea of what you are looking for, they can find the perfect blend for your appetite.
There are several locations, giving many options in terms of scenery. The Jacksonville Beach location
is blocks away from the beach. Spend the day soaking up the sun on the sand or drifting in the waves and
then drop in for a nice coffee, tea, or beer. Bring your friends to the cozy couches inside to snack on
some warm chocolate croissants or lounge outside on the beach chairs to enjoy the sunset. Anything
goes. They are open 6:30 am until 7pm on weekdays and 7am-7pm on weekends to accommodate a
variety of schedules.

Bold Bean Riverside

Another location is set in the heart of Riverside, the historical part of Jacksonville. Cozy up on
one of the plush couches with a foamy cappuccino and pick up your favorite book. You can also sit
outside with your drink and enjoy the folk music in the street while you catch up with old friends. If you
want to explore the town, take your coffee with you to a local art gallery and browse the beautiful
exhibits. You will leave this Jacksonville coffee shop with a sense of appreciation for the talent and
beauty found in the Riverside district. This location has slightly longer hours. They are open 6:30am-
10pm on weekdays, Saturday 7am-10 pm, and Sunday 7am-6pm.

Bold Bean San Marco

If you work or live downtown, a new location for this great Jacksonville coffee shop recently
opened in the San Marco neighborhood. They have sweet mochas with artsy designs and cool ice
coffees. If you’re feeling adventurous or want to test a friend, grab a warm spicy jalapeno bagel. If you
want to venture out into the city, grab some sweets and coffees and head out to one of the 14 parks
that San Marco has to offer. Take a furry friend for a stroll down one of the winding paths. Maybe stop
for a break on a bench to look at the spectacular view of the St John’s River. This location has unique
hours. They are open Monday-Thursday 6:30am-7pm, Friday 6:30am-10pm, Saturday 7am-7pm, and
Sunday 7am-7pm.

This Jacksonville coffee shop has also created some exciting classes and events to bring fun to
your everyday schedule. You can take a class with a group or by yourself on how to create your own
specialty coffee, including the art of design. It has crossed many minds how they put that heart on the
latte. If you want a fun work event, sign up for the pie workshop. Bold Bean partners with Knead
Bakeshop to teach its patrons how to make a perfect grandma’s pie. Hor d’ouevres are served while the
pies heat up.

Bold Bean Coffee Roasters is an inviting place for friends and family and a perfect place to find
a customized coffee. Come to one of the three locations to enjoy all they have to offer.