Social Grounds Coffee Company Jacksonville

Springfield Jacksonville, Florida

By: Maggie Campbell

Address: 1712 Main St N, Downtown, FL 32206

Not just a coffee shop but a movement.

Historic Springfield has been one of the most overlooked areas of Jacksonville for quite some time. As a veteran himself Jason Kelloway, founder and owner, began his movement in 2015 working towards creating jobs and empowering homeless veterans. In 2015 Kelloway found Cup of Love a ministry where on Wednesday mornings, he would hand out coffee and donuts to the homeless. After being honorably discharged from the Marine Corps, Kelloway was drug addicted and living out of his car. He turned his life around and uses coffee as a medium to inspire positive change in the community. 


Social Grounds opened its doors in mid 2017. Located on Main St. the shop is sleek, clean and welcoming. They are open everyday with the exception of Sunday from 6:30AM-5:30PM. Social Grounds could be one of Jacksonville’s best kept secrets and with more and more popping up in Springfield they will be shining soon.

Social Grounds truly encompasses what Jacksonville has to offer. You can sense how much the city truly means to them through their mission statement “People. Coffee. Empowerment.” and from every barista and employee the have.


Aside from the fresh coffee they offer Social Grounds also provides a variety of baked goods and local Springfield merch. Stop in for a poptart and an americano you won’t be disappointed. Social Grounds is not your average coffee shop.