Southern Grounds Coffee Shop

Neptune Beach, FL

By: Erika Wright

Address: 200 1st St, Neptune Beach, FL 32266

More than a coffee shop, and basically an awesome place to hang out, this
Jacksonville coffee shop is definitely one to frequent if you love the Jacksonville beach
scene. With a name like Southern Grounds, they don’t disappoint with a great coffee
selection. What’s great about this Jacksonville coffee shop is that they offer so much
more than just coffee. They have many tea, smoothie and bottled water or juice beverage
options as well as delicious breakfast, and lunch choices. Not to mention the elegant
selection of tasty bakery treats, from croissants to cookies and cake explosions to
compliment your favorite beverage.

Located a block away from the ocean in beautiful Neptune Beach, this hang out is a
perfect place to bring your friends to hang out and chit-chat, to write your next blog post,
or even immerse yourself in a good book. The atmosphere is so relaxed, it feels as though
time slows down so you can simply enjoy that very moment, appreciating life and this
beautiful world around you. You can sit indoors, and smell the Southern Grounds coffee
being brewed or sit outside and listen to the water feature while you soak in the salty
ocean breeze. Only a block away from the ocean means you can even take your order on
a short walk to the beach and enjoy your beverage or picnic on the warm sand watching
the waves crash. You will be hanging out with the seagulls, who might try to make
friends for a bite of your food but don’t be fooled. And, if the beach isn’t quite your scene
you can always relax at the stools over by the front window and watch the world go by
sipping your cup of southern brewed coffee biting into a fudgy brownie or sweet scone.
If you’ve never been to this Jacksonville coffee shop or plan on visiting Jacksonville, this
is definitely a place to visit and bring your clan, the more the merrier. Besides, nothing is
better than that enjoying your favorite beverage in a relaxed atmosphere and hanging out
at your new favorite Jacksonville coffee shop with your favorite people. Now that’s
enjoying life’s greatest blessing: family, friends and community. Hours vary slightly,
opening at 6:30 am everyday and closing at 9 pm Sunday through Thursday, and 10 pm
Friday and Saturday when they offer glasses of fine wine, a cheese board, and music for
your evening pleasure. And if all that doesn’t sound like a fantastic mini vacation from
everyday life, they even cater. How great is that? So if you want to bring the taste of your

favorite Jacksonville coffee shop to your business meeting, home representative party or
maybe even your family reunion, you can order a tasty blend of coffee with cups and
accessories, plus baked goods like bagels, cookies and muffins to name a few. You can
also order cold sandwiches and salad plates to add to your party. All in all Southern
Grounds is a great Jacksonville coffee shop, the atmosphere is so welcoming and the staff
are so kind and helpful.