Souther Roots Filling Station Riverside

Riverside Jacksonville, Florida

By: Maggie Campbell

Address: 1275 King Street Riverside

Southern Roots is more than just your neighborhood coffee shop. Their mission is to bring the community together through great coffee, locally sourced produce and goods, and sustainability. They provide non-GMO, organic, vegan, and ethically-traded ingredients for everything on their menu.


On top of this Southern Roots’ menu operated on a ‘sliding-scale’. Sticking with the theme of providing healthy food this ‘sliding-scale’ also makes it affordable for everyone. If one cannot afford anything on the menu they will be gifted a meal. Giving back seems to be a theme recently in Jacksonville and it makes the city even more unique.


The aesthetic is rustic-industrial-hipster which makes it very homey. Southern Roots offers an array of different coffees sticking with traditional blends. Their coffee is sourced from Panther Coffee based out of Miami, which comes in a variety of different roasts. This means all of their coffee recipes are customizable so whether you prefer a strong colombian or a chocolate-y iced coffee. They are open everyday of the week except Mondays.