K2 & Broad Peak & Mount Everest Final Thoughts


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A video outlining gameplay for the K2 series of boardgames. For more game info,

Part I: K2 Runthrough

(static cam)

Part II: Broad Peak Runthrough

(static cam)

Part III: Mount Everest Runthrough

(static cam)

Part IV: Final Thoughts

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  1. Well, The Cave and all those three goes on my wish list. 🙂
    Thank you for doing these four runthroughs. I never buy a game anymore without looking on youtube. 😉

  2. Seen every entry now after I've brought K2 (and haven't played it yet) but I'm still happy I actually brought K2 instead of Mount Everest. It looks more true to it's theme that it's a struggle getting to the top.
    Love the idea of a house rule like someone in the comment section spelled that you have to get to a certain point to get the scoring for getting to the top. But we'll see. If it lacks and I like the game I probably get the Broad Peak expansion. But it sure feels like the length of the game is enough as it is.

  3. I really appreciate you doing the play though on these. I think I'm going to end up grabbing all 4 (The Cave as well) now. That said, I will be house ruling K2 to make it so you have to climb up AND come back down. Means I'll have to shuffle and flip the weather cards but, so be it.

  4. Something that really bothered me watching this series, was the colors used for the symbols on the board. Cold is normally signified with blue, and red is hot, but in this game warm areas and acclimatization cards have blue symbols, and the coldest areas have red symbols.

    Has this been a problem in teaching the game? I personally found it really distracting.

  5. It's kind of thematic that K2 starts slow & easy, isn't it?
    The bottom of the mountain is usually easier than the top, where you get in the groove…

  6. I have K2 on order, and if i enjoy it i will defo get Broad Peak. Might avoid Everest though. Bet you needed a rest after that session.


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