Katt Williams Explains Jacksonville Florida | Netflix Is A Joke

Katt Williams explains why Jacksonville is an excessively distinctive position. Perhaps it is a Florida factor.

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jacksonville is what county

Netflix Is A Joke


  • if you seeing this visit el cemi puerto rican cuisine in south point! our food good as a mf

  • He is correct! I lived in Mayport/Atlantic Beach and it was pretty rough. Not like a lot of the other areas but we saw and went through some shit!

  • You have to visit Venezuela or Russia then you gonna change your opinion about Jacksonville.
    Btw looking at the stock market and can approve that Netflix is a joke😂

  • Until I moved to Jacksonville, I had no idea what Kat was talking about, but he is spot on 🤣

  • Everything he said is straight factsss!! I live in Jax 0ver 25 years every single thing he said is trueee hahahaha love it here tho

  • I visited Jacksonville in the 90s in the Coast Guard For Refresher training since Gitmo shutdown I'm from Philly he ain't lying Rough looking Folk went to a couple clubs love the weather hot in the day time 40* at night still enjoyed

  • Yeah I stopped for gas and had to pull my 45 out on some one 🤣 that’s no shit I got my gas though about 6 of us got out from Kentucky

  • People who don’t know talk about Compton, The Bronx and other hoods around America. Like he said J’ville has about 10 hoods and all of them have at least 2 Pentecostal Churches, 3 Clubs, 20 hole in the wall restaurants with the best food and a drug addict named Cletus!🤣🤣🤣

  • Born and raised in J’ville now in Va. Man he brought back some memories 🤣🤣. Went home and drove through Sherwood Forest and Harbor View where I grew up! Man I had to pick up speed and get up outta there!🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣

  • When he said there streets you cant go down in Jacksonville no one in that room needed to hear it to know he learned about Moncrief

  • Moved to Jacksonville about a year ago, this is the best wording of Jax lol

  • im from jacksonville originally but live up in NJ and i can tell you its the same up here. many neighborhoods in Newark, Paterson, Jersey City etc that you cant go to, not just one area.

  • Jacksonville be turning more gangsta ever year. I used to work near Regency Mall in the 80s and 90s and eat there often (Orange Tree, great hot dogs), lots of whites would go there. That place I worked at (Sound Advice) is no longer there and nobodies left in Regency Mall.

  • I went to UFC 261 in Jax and lemme tell you, Ubers don’t ride at night there and luckily my BnB was near the Police station but attendees to the event claim they heard gunshots in the part of town they stayed



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