Leaving Sapa to Hanoi Train street, a cancelled flight leaves us stranded!!


Today we start off our day in Sapa, Vietnam we were still sick and was catching a bus ride from Sapa to Hanoi a 6 hour bus ride and the worst one at that! Sapa is has so many windy roads that we both felt nauseous the whole ride. When we arrived back to Hanoi we got dropped off at our new Airbnb and we just relax, we take a nap and decide that today is our last night in Vietnam so we go out on the streets of Vietnam and Party it up. Knowing that the day we have a flight to catch… We head to our Airbnb at 3:30 to find that were locked out, we had to wake up our host to let us in. The next day were both so hungover and Iysha lost her voice. We look at the schedule for Hong Kong and its cancelled just before our flights. All the Hong Kong riots were happening at this time. Jade quickly bought tickets to our next destination which was Taiwan. When we arrive in Taiwan after a long hectic day we show you our new Room Tour in our new Airbnb. That night we go to sleep and at 5:30am something happens!!!

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  1. Train street looked crazy. That would have been horrible at the airport. I loved how you put the news clip in. Looked awesome!

  2. Woah great vlog you two! Train street looks so cool, the train comes so close. Can’t believe you both got trapped at the airport.


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