Maserati Ghibli 2017 review | road test video


Richard Berry road tests and reviews the Maserati Ghibli with specs, fuel consumption and verdict.

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Not many countries can throw a CV on the table quite as impressive as Italy’s. Art. Science. Music. Language – it more or less invented them. Yup as countries go Italy is a doer. Or it used to be… see sometimes you get the feeling that it’s a maybe bit tired and just wants to curl up on its laurels have a little sleep.

Does that go for its famous car brands too? Maserati. The name drips in heritage. So well known is it that even people who don’t know car well, know Maserati means something special. But is the brand just trading on a long gone reputation?

That Maserati Ghibli desperately wants to prove me wrong. It want to convince me that Maserati is at the top of its game, that it’s a weapon people should choose over a BMW M3 or Benz C63 s. But my gut instincts makes me think that you could be better off with settling down with a conservative German than a crazy Italian which you may have more fun with only for it to end messy. It’s almost like I’m giving you relationship advice. I just want you to be happy.

But let’s give the Ghibli a chance – I mean look at it. This thing is hnnnggggggggg…

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  1. This is my first time stopping by for channel. I have to say by far this was the best review on YouTube! Excellent video quality, excellent presentation, overall very detailed video so thank you! The only thing I wish you would have added was prices preowned vs. New. I'm making a purchase of Ghibli in the next month or two so in super excited about my upcoming event and once again thanks for the informative video.

  2. Oh, so this is from the Fiat Chrysler crowd? Their "f×ck you" attitude to customers once they've got your money, should limit sales of these to about nil. Just have a look around the internet, and you'll discover. Especially in Australia.

  3. Had one and really enjoyed it…wanted something different after merc/ Audi etc.. was eccentric to live with however… electronic handbrake continually stuck on wheels when garaged… if when parked up dry!.. difficult and dangerous to try and release… also tyre pressure warning came on early ownership And whatever I did would not reset.. kept saying front nearside low.. yeh by about 0.001 bar !

    Feels special drives special but eccentric as an ever day driver !

  4. It's nothing but FCA spare parts and terrible engineering. The reason why depreciation is really bad after the first 3 years and even more after 5 years.

  5. the 4200 cabiacorsa was the last real Maserati ferrari 430 engine shared with the ferrari California . this is plastic fantastic with an engine made for the car, not a ferrari engine. some of parts are from the jeep Cherokee, WHAT THE HELL.

  6. actually maserati is a lot older then the ferrari brand, and the trident is a more related to the god of the water neptune not aqua man

  7. I drove this car last year. it belongs to my friend. Very nice. He asked me to rev it to 5K and shift the gear. Goodness, my heartbeat rev up too. The twin turbo is overwhelming.

  8. It's a beautiful car but it has all kinds of problems mechanically in electrically… it's not worth the money spends more time in the garage and it does driving around and I'm talking to my experience.
    I have friends who has them I got Brothers who works on them . They're not worth the money at all👎👎👎

  9. Oil on canvas, musical montage of mythical goddesses. Daughter's of the elements.

  10. Its not that good of a car…believe me …..and yes I currently own a 2017 Ghibli. When opening the trunk it "flings" open ,
    thin and uncontrolled ….not smooth like a merc or BMW  …..embarrassing when opening the trunk looks like a Honda accord trunk in a $90,000 car ….feels more like a $60,000 car 
    The  touch screen and interface are slow…like molasses….I have  owned GTRs 1993, and 2017 ,  2011 LP-670 SV,  930 Turbo, 997 turbo 996 turbo , AMG E63, AMG S65, Audi RS5, just to name a few,  and built turbo civics when I was a youngster …..Trust me …..get something else.

  11. I don't know if this guy intended to come across as funny but he's damn entertaining! I love him. Ha ha ha!


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