Moving to Jacksonville? Top 7 Things to Know About Living in Jacksonville Florida!

Are You Pondering of Transferring to Jacksonville?

Perhaps that is the house of your subsequent station, you are on the lookout for a greater place to boost a household, otherwise you’re merely in pursuit of higher climate?

On this video, I will be breaking down:
-My HONEST opinion of dwelling in Jacksonville.
-7 Key Matters that I get requested from folks considering of Transferring to Jacksonville Florida.
-My total ranking of Jacksonville
-The Professionals and Cons of dwelling in Jacksonville Florida
-Actions, akin to watching the Jacksonville Jaguars
-And A lot Extra!

Backside Line: The potential of this metropolis is unparalleled. The place we have come from, to the place we are actually, is an eyewatering distinction. We nonetheless have loads of methods to go, however the blueprint of a implausible metropolis is right here for the taking.

Have questions on shifting to Florida? Pondering of creating Jacksonville your new hometown? I would love to debate if it is best for you, and which a part of city would fit your needs finest!

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within the Jacksonville actual property market? Try my final video: https://youtu.be/Uc4-AMzmljA

Neighborhood Scout Crime Map talked about in video: https://www.neighborhoodscout.com/fl/jacksonville/crime

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Bryson Powers, Realtor


  • What do YOU think about Jacksonville? Would moving to Northeast Florida suit you and your family? What's appealing to you? What's it lacking? Have any questions??

  • The lack of a focal point is probably what would disapoint me most if I lived there. Typically the best part of cities for me is how close everything can be but it seems Jacksonville is a city that is different in that regard. Does Jacksonville receive a lot of tourists? I'd be curious to see how short term rentals do in this city.

  • Hi Everyone! First and foremost this vid was very informative. I'll be in Jax this weekend as a first time visitor to feel the vibes. I am a Philly native so I am used to "city life" but It's been a goal of mine for some time now to move to the Sunshine State. If I love it, I plan to relocate this Summer. I'm a single mid 40s professional. Any suggestions on where I should visit while in Jax are greatly appreciated!

  • Driving around there took foreverrrrr..traffic wasn't bad. It's just that the place is so big. It made me wonder if it would ever feel like a community since it's soooo big.

  • One thing I've noticed about moving to Jacksonville the women here are weird they're like slow

  • We just had our first baby and planning on moving there from fort lauderdale at the end of this year

  • This video is a year old. Do you have one that is updated? My husband and I are seniors and planning to move in the next 2 to 4 months. Rent is high here in GA (north of Atlanta) but some apartments (1/1) are under $1,000 in Jacksonville. Would love an update since your video is SO informative. Thank you!

  • Bryson, I’ve really liked jax every time I’ve been there. Great restaurant scene, etc. I’m probably six months away from deciding where I’d like to land but it’s time to consider it. Lmk if you’d be able to answer some due diligence questions.

  • Very helpful thank you!
    Oh btw you were partially correct about the Fla palms, I grew up in Naples Fl since the late 1970’s and they do have Nate palms but they are short and ugly lol they call them cabbage palms, I am not sure of the correct name, they are more like a tall bush. The did import what the call the king palm which are the type you would see lining many streets and resort hotels, so it’s a little of both.

  • Pretty good honest review, but you left out a very big truth. Jacksonville has a huge homeless, panhandler, and vagrancy problem.

  • Thank you for your help! Im moving there on January 15th 2025 and I'm building a life out there

  • Why would you explain the roadways to people who may not have context… compare it to other cities like Houston, LA, Chicago you fool.

  • thanks for your honest thoughts on Jacksonville. Fingers crossed the city can improve its public transport system soon

  • Great review Bryson. You hit a lot of points and brought out the good and not so good. I feel your review is very well balanced. Jacksonville is a great city. I have traveled a lot in my life but Jacksonville is my home and it’s not NY or London but it’s still a cool place. Just found your channel. I will be checking out your other videos. Thank you.

  • Hey… I m shifting from India here and I wanna know which area to stay in here as my daughter is in 9th grade n I wanna stay close to a nice n safe school …Also a nice locality to stay in here… Please HELP…….

  • As a person born and raised in the Jax area, speaking from life experience, Jax is one of the worst places anyone, especially with children could EVER move to. Violent crime in Jax is the worst in the state, worse than even Miami and Orlando which also have huge violent crime numbers. Fatal shootings every day. Traffic fatalities: Hit and runs every day, crashes involving DUI and other traffic infractions. Racial tension: Huge in Jax. Infrastructure: Bridges are constantly closed due to failed inspections. The air stinks of sewage in most areas. Schools: Some of the nation's worst schools are in Jax (Duval) county, poor test scores, gang violence and shootings at sports events are common in jax. Other issues as well that I'm not going to list here. You should have a clear picture by now. Don't take my word for it. Do your own investigating. But be sure you're aren't getting your information from a real estate site or property development site or any other source that has an interest in persuading people to move here. Having said all that, this video is pretty honest. However, he is focusing on the positives only. The school situation is terrible. To note: St Johns county is where the recent murder case of Tristyn Bailey occurred Make your own decision but do some serious research, using reputable sources before you get swept away by visions of white beaches and swaying Palm trees. There's real issues with Florida and many are serious ones.

  • My guy, you are sexy and gorgeous but anyway let's start here: 0:48 YOU may bot take off your shorts but I tried it about a month and a half ago and not one police officer bothered me. I walked around on Saint John's town center road (the road that leads directly into University of North Florida) and Saint John's shopping plaza area with only my silk (okay polyester and spandex) boxers briefs and there was no problem. I was shocked. And yesterday I went shopping at my local Wal-Mart Neighborhood store with no shirt on. No one said a word.

  • I'm planning to go travel to Jacksonville in October. Tbh, if I like it out there. I will work out there.

  • Just started looking into JAX a few months ago, has what a northern retired person is seeking, Beach, weather, and activities. In what way is the public trans system not great. Is it not accessible in all areas? Thanks!

  • Great video! I am a lifelong resident of the area. If you do not live in DUVAL County, then it's not Jacksonville. St Johns, Clay, Nassau County cannot vote in Jax elections, have Jax library cards and are not zoned for Jax schools and I believe have separate police systems. I moved to Clay 11 years ago. Yes you will be within driving distance and have a 904 area code, but Jacksonville is Duval county. Born in Jax, raised in Arlington here. 👍🏿

  • I believe the beaches were a lot better, and more friendly 15 – 20 years ago than they are now.

  • And for anyone gay who's wondering if the city is safe. There are gay friendly areas like Riverside. I have only seen same sex couples holding hands there. There's a few gay clubs. Pride is family friendly and same sex couples have the kids with them every year.
    The city is very spread out. For a grindr hookup, you mostly likely will have to drive a few miles to them. But lots of navy boys if you like that uniform!
    Our drag scene isn't NYC level but there's support for local queens. No one from our city has been on Drag Race but they can pull off looks don't doubt!

  • People need cold hard facts, you are going to struggle your ass off with pay, they pay nothing, you are going up against a bunch of retirees, social security check, retirement check and then they get a low paying job for their play money, which keeps YOUR PAY super low, so be prepared to work three jobs or live in the slums

  • Great summary, no idea how ur video showed on my youtube home screen… but I l ive in jax since 2012, and you nailed it



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