One Way Poor People Can Buy Land With No Money

Becky’s Information To Shopping for Land, get the eBook right here: https://goo.gl/E54N13 A method to purchase property when you haven’t any cash…you are poor and you haven’t any credit score. And you’re feeling prefer it’s a hopeless scenario. Properly I’m right here to let you know it’s not. I do know as a result of that is precisely what I did, and now I’m mortgage free.

On this homesteading video Becky explains step-by-step easy methods to purchase land in the event you’re poor and haven’t any cash and no credit score or poor credit.

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Becky's Homestead


  • Thanks for all the good info, especially the one about the 100 year old flood zone! I just want to say that the title of the video, and the intro, uses a bit of a misinformation, which is quite disappointing. When you say one can buy a piece ofvland "with no money", it pretty much means getting it for free. In your video, however, that is not the case.
    Other than that, keep up the good work, I'm sure lots of people will find the info very useful!

  • I wish I would have seen this video before buying our home. We are first time home buyers. We did go through a loan company and bank thought but we got this property for the land. Our realtor walked us around the entire property and showed us where our “property line” was. I asked for the propylene paper work at least 40 times from looking at the property to buying it. Literally sitting there signing the paperwork and asked again and she says it’s all in the paperwork. We move in and find out we own zero land. Not even a yard at all. Our neighbor informed us that it was his land she was trying to sell us with our home. I dig out the paperwork and she literally had lied to us. We didn’t own any of it. The land that she WALKED US ON and said for sure that it was our property. Now we are stuck in a mortgage for a home with no land and tons of problems that they didn’t mention such as FLOODING IN OUR HOME when it rains that they said wasn’t a problem before. 😭😭😭

  • I am looking to buy land with little or no cost down. I am looking in the Covington Ga Social Circle Ga. If you can help please hit me up on messager. Thank you Becky

  • I don't understand the part where this can be done without money or credit, what are you talking about?

  • C'mon! I am obviously missing something. How can I purchase even the most modest property if I have poor credit and no down payment?

  • I only had $500 and now I own 750,000 acres whenever I'm not working at my 13 jobs I enjoy that land

  • Becky seems like an awesome person. There’s so much ill constant out there to find stuff like this is a treasure.

  • Oh.. Becky.. usually 9.9/10 I see Kindlee books are cheaper than paperback for a reason . No shipping and also no way to resell book. But yours are the same price. Is this intentional to get us to buy the paperback mainly?

  • I hate people like you that come on here and run your mouth on some dumb lengthy video.on how to do this or how to do that , nobody wants to hear all that just get to the part of how you did it !and stop wasting people's time!!!

  • In New York it’s illegal to stop any agricultural activity on a state road. If the zoning board tries to stop you, remind them that you could be a catfish farmer which would stink up the complaining neighbors. It tends to make them okay with more common farm animals.

  • Nobody is poor everyone is Abundant by birthright. Love the video jut the “poor” thing

  • Nice video you got here, no one is actually poor except you look yourself as one , I'm so happy that COVID actually exposed me to seek success which right now I'm really a beneficiary to success on trading crypto currency ( bitcoin)

  • Very inspiring, we have just sold our house and bought a house in a village with is now mortgage free. But it's not our destination, we would love to own our own land a few acres and built our own log house and have our own produces. Thank you Becky will try your method. We'll done ✔ 😌 🙌 👏 👏👏👏

  • ⬆️⬆️⬆️ massive appreciation to those of you who talked about this dude, he got my job done successfully….

  • I need this in my life. I'm trying to be a professional hermit away from civilization.,

  • This is VERY educational, Thank you! however it is false advertising, as it is Titled, with "NO MONEY"… yet, it's all about the $$$$$$ that you will need for buying the land, including paying fees… 🤦‍♀️ No mention of how we get it with "NO MONEY" 🤦‍♀️

  • So what do you do when there's no home to live in on the land or if it is torn down. Is that where I need the finances to have one built?

  • Don't rule out contacting a Realtor. Many vacant land listings have an "owner carry" option. The Seller has already entered into a listing contract with the Broker and has agreed to pay the sales commission. Your agent will also guide you through the negotiation and due diligence process and make sure necessary disclosures are made. As your agent they have a fiduciary responsibility to work with your best interest in mind.

  • Title is misleading. You are not buying land if you are poor. Poor means you have no resources. If you have a substantial tax return you over paid the government, why would anyone loan money to the government for free? It implies you have a job= not poor. What she means is how to aquire land without using a bank to finance. Nice except you must be very cautious about owner financed as you will have few rights should the deal go south as many do. There is a reason most go through a bank, it's so they have solid ownership. Hiring an attorney isn't cheap and you would need one to draw up papers. I like the concept and it is a possibility for those who need bank free options but no one who is poor has the money to buy land.

  • "Owner carry" is a dangerous way to purchase property. You don't hold the deed, so if the owner decides to take it back at any time, they can. You have no recourse.



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