Overview: 2017 Maserati Ghibli – NEW features & changes


Maserati has made some subtle changes to the 2017 Ghibli sedan. In this video, I will show you what changes were made and how to use them.

NEW for 2017:
– Command Controller
– Command Screen
– Maserati APPS
– New location of USB & AUX
– NEW Micro SD slot
– NEW Slide-out cell phone holder
– Re-designed SPORT, I.C.E., M, Traction Control

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  1. So all these "improvements" are getting closer to my CLS from 10 years ago… how the hell do they expect to charge this much for a car that is 10 years behind every car that is in this segment?!? The performance needs to be better!

  2. Did they fix the image of the reverse camera and also the panel gap of the interior door trim and the rest of the interior?

  3. Does the Ghibli still use Dodge Dart buttons for the windows and other general knobs? Its a real shame at this level of quality that existed in previous Ghibli's.

  4. Maserati are always behind the curve when it comes to technology and there are objectively much better cars out there but they've just got that special something that BMW's, Audi's and Mercedes lack.

    A standard Granturismo (without all the aero) is probably one of the most beautiful cars in the last 25 years. Drove one a while back and whilst it wasn't objectively the greatest driving experience, the sound and looks were mesmerizing. If I had spare £40k for a used one, I'd buy instantly.

    Whilst I'm not a huge fan of the new Quattroporte, the Ghibli is another beautiful car. How anyone can buy a BMW M3 over a Ghibi S I'll never though! Yes, the M3 is objectively a better car but it sounds like a bag of nails whilst the Ghibli with a Larini exhaust is really something to behold.

  5. im about to lease one but not sure yet… im between the suv n the ghibili.. wich one in your opinion would be a better deal? my fico score is 741

  6. Hi Shaun,
    I have a 2017 Ghibli. How do you disable the On OFF action? Whenever I stop, the engine shuts down- quite irritating. I have had it on other cars, but could disable it.

  7. Big question, I want to buy a Ghibli but I have heard there is a lot of hate on Ghibli's because of "Jealousy" Would it be considered a douche thing to get a Ghibli? Thanks.

  8. Why don't they offer the panoramic sun roof? I hope the 2018 model does, as I will be leasing my first foreign car.

  9. Just wondering about the availability of the sport package with the sport seats. The sport seats I saw recently at a Maserati dealership in Europe look great. V8 coming this year (2017)or next(2018)?

  10. Finally someone who appreciate the good cars. I love this brand. I'm looking forward for your complete new 2017 Maserati Quatroporte GTS review, interior and exterior.


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