PC Longplay [972] Atlantis: The Lost Tales


Played by: AFigureInBlack

Description from Moby Games:
The advanced city design of Atlantis shows that a fully-fledged society must’ve functioned there, and this adventure game brings it to life. Queen Rhea is the leader who is under threat, and young Seth is the character you control as he aims to save the day. How can he know who to trust, and who has their own agenda in this complex world?

The world of Atlantis is displayed in fully-rotational full-screen 3D comprising of millions of polygons and full lip-synching using a proprietary system. Listen out for sounds of danger – sometimes they are the first warning you get.

There are 5 different continents to explore, and each has its own cultures. In total there are 50 characters you will interact with, and puzzles using an inventory system. Save points are limited by the game.

I had a hard time trying to record this. Being an early windows-era game needed a lot of effort to be able to play it in Win10. There was a graphic glitch to start with that the only way to fix it was to start recording with Fraps!!! The bad thing is that Fraps could capture only sound so I was using at the same time Fraps (for fixing the glitch) and OBS (for recording the game). Another problem was that the patched version I used could not produce sound effects in some of the cut-scenes so I had to replay the unpatched version of the game to record the cut-scenes with proper sound effects. The price I had to pay was that music got interrupted in those cases. Then, I got the problem of sound and image being out of sync because the patched version run slower than the unpatched. To fix this I had to insert frames with no sound to match audio and video. I edited them in two different AviSynth files and pasted them together afterwards.
As always, fails and death scenes are included at the end of the video.

Nguồn: https://jaxbrews.com/

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  1. I bought the game on gog and it works fine on win10 so far. Loved this game as a kid, gives me a very nostalgic feel.

  2. Omg I LOVED this game as a kid🥰 thx for uploading. I still have the game, but it wont play on any new computers.

  3. I remember enjoining the Lost Eden game from Cryo on 3DO. And this game seems to be also a fine adventure with unique atmosphere. And the soundtrack is great too. I wish they released it on PlayStation back then.
    Thank you for sharing this experience!
    upd: it actually came out for PlayStation!

  4. When I was a teenager and had the saturn, I wasn´t interested in these kind of games, like this one or Myst. Now I regret a lot.

  5. Hi WorldOfLongplays, thanks for the longplay of Atlantis :D, if you can share this to your viewers (i need lot of testers) :

    For Atlantis The Lost Tales lovers, please check my "Hub & Visit Mode" i build this year (it use the original hub developed by Cryo BUT not used in final release). This original HUB was used in beta and demos releases of Atlantis The Lost Tales. I write my own code and now in 2018 we have a fully working HUB & VISIT MODE in the game ! Please check here to more informations : write "Atlantis Visit Mode V2.1" on youtube. Please post your feedbacks ! Best Regards :).

  6. Love the Atlantis games so much!! Powerful and beautiful! And the music is pure magic.

    Glad some people still remembers them!

  7. I remember I was playing the Swedish Dubbed version of this game. Back then I thought this game had amazing graphic

  8. The story is intresting, graphics are okay for their time, but my god the constant fidgeting of the characters is worse than Deus Ex.

  9. I get so nostalgic seeing some of these games. I would love to see Shivers and Shivers 2. Those were fun puzzle games!

    Thank you for all the work you did to capture this!


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