Photoshop tutorial – Photoshop Refine Edge Tutorial For Beginners


In this Photoshop Tutorial for beginners you will learn how to photoshop refine edge. This is a vital tool for photoshop masks tutorial. Using the refine edge in photoshop CC is slightly different as it has been updated however the actual refine edge works the same. It just opens a new box. refine edge photoshop cs6 and refine edge photoshop are the best ways to cut out hair in photoshop. You will use this skill to cut out hair in photoshop. This is a photoshop tutorial for beginners. photoshop masking tutorial

Download the entire course and project files here –

Part 1 – What is Photoshop –
Part 2 – QuickStart Guide –
Part 3 – Import/Edit/Export –
Part 4 – Settings and Workspaces –
Part 5 – Import Methods –
Part 6 – Adobe Camera RAW –
Part 7 – HDR –
Part 8 – Panoramas –
Part 9 – Crop Tool –
Part 10 – Layers and Layer Masks –
Part 11 – Adjustment Layers –
Part 12 – Brightness Contrast, exposure –
Part 13 – Photoshop Levels –
14 – Photoshop Curves –
15 – Hue and Saturation –
16 – Photoshop Black and White –
17 – Color Balance –
18 – Selective Color –
19 – Blend Modes –
20 – Selections –
21 – Lasso Tool –
22 – Magic Wand and Quick Select –
23 – Color selection tool –
24 – Refine Edge –


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  1. ED I want to say you are really good at teaching, I like all your tuition and believe that I am going be a great designer with all your tuition.

  2. Him does anyone know on 8:51, what shortcut used to create brush, and what shortcut used to make it black? thank you

  3. Been watching many Tutorials and usualy end up confused. Learn't so much from this one video. Cheers

  4. When using the refine edge tool… What settings do you recommend for the brush in terms of hardness and spacing etc? I find that it often times is selecting more than I want it to… (Especially with blonde wispy hair). Thanks for the great video!

  5. Thank you! I've never been able to use this tool properly and finally now much better!! Great explanation!

  6. I'm always irritated at how every tutorial uses the easiest shot, person on plain background, a three year old could do that, I can do that, how about a complex background nightmare, that is what I need.

  7. LOL. I have noticed almost every dude on youtube that does Photoshop tutorials obviously has a lot of soy in their diet.

  8. Love it but I got both cc18 & 19 and even using 2018 ps, still got that select and mask not refine edge box which when I try to paint hair, this refinement doesn’t appear and I cant figure what am doing wrong pease help!

  9. where is the project file to download ? it was removed ? what is the point of watching this video without it ?

  10. Cheers for this. What if you get the selection perfect around one part of a person (i.e. a hand) using refine edge but it does a bad job of defining the rest of the person?

  11. This is (so far), the most straightforward and concise explanation of the refine edge feature in PS I've seen. Thanks so much.


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