Picturesque sceneries in Cat Cat Village Sapa Vietnam


Cat Cat Village in Sapa Vietnam
A beautiful nestled Valley About 3 kilometres/ 20-30 minutes from Sapa Town .The Village is within easy walking/trekking distance from any Hostel/ Hotel downtown Sapa. Cat Cat is the old village of ethic groups which attracts tourist from all over the world for its distinctive customs and practices which have been lost in most ethnic villages. for tourist it gives a chance to glimpse into the daily life of local ethnic people, as well take part in traditional activities such as weaving fabric with children playing and many residents of Cat Cat Village are skilful at manipulating sophisticated gold and silver jewellery. It is an impressive peaceful picturesque sceneries.


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  1. I love visiting these places occasionally as its like going back in time in some regards. Reminded me of the hillside villages in Nepal

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  3. Hahaha, that pig is giving that duck a hard time! And the piglets were super cute! Love the swing set and the views! Wow, the water wheels by the waterfall is insane! Great footage in this video!

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  6. It is very interesting to look at the life of ordinary Vietnamese! Exotic travel, exotic terrain. Great!

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  8. Muy interesante y bonito. Gracias por acercarnos a la región de Sapa. Like 74 desde España. Adela.

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  11. wonderful it's very beautiful village, I loved it and people are very lovely ,,,,,,,,,,,pls visit to my channel I am inviting u


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