Real Bomb Squad Defuses A Bomb In Keep Talking And Nobody Explodes • Professionals Play


Can a real-life bomb disposal team defuse a virtual bomb before time runs out?

#ProfessionalsPlay #KeepTalkingAndNobodyExplodes #BombSquad

KeepTalkingAndNobodyExplodes / Steel Crate Games


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  1. What if you but a bomb than tie it on a ballon but make it so it doesn't fly away and it doesn't touch the ground and make it sensitive to touch can it still be defuse not that I would do it

    I have great idea but I don't want somebody else to take credit for my creativity sometimes i wish I didn't have ADHD but sometimes I love it

  2. The most valuable thing these guys learned that applies here is something all of you can learn: clear and effective communication.

    1. Specific terms
    No one ever uses vague terminology. Letters are given in the phonetic alphabet (google it). Answers in the affirmative or negative are always clear. Filler words are not in use (uhm, like, hang on)
    2. Diction
    Both guys speak clearly and distinguish alike sounds
    3. Calmness
    No one yells, snaps, or otherwise raises the tension. Slow is smooth, smooth is fast

  3. Everyone: hears Quebec "Oh no it's real!"
    Me: WTF is Quebec??? You mean like meters? And why TF is that controller off???

  4. they're so composed during the challenge, I would have wasted 1 minute spelling out the code to my teammate 😂

  5. Bruh this is so fake, they are using a ps4 controller that’s not on, they are not using PsVr which is the only Vr headset that works with PlayStation but even if they are playing on pc the controller isn’t on, plus if they were to use a ps4 controller on Pc they would have to plug in the controller to the Pc. Also they need to set up a camera so that the Pc or Ps4 can see the headset. There are so many reasons that show this is fake and it upsetting. Also you have to have Vr motion controllers to play this game in Vr.

  6. Wait, why would there be a guide for bombs like this? If there something I'm missing because I'm so confused why if you set a bomb you'd make it fit with a bomb diffusing guide. Like idkkk

  7. LF someone to play this game with, played once with my friend… he didnt enjoy it. I loved it, hit me up if you're interested to play, you can pick role.


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