Serengeti Sopa Game and Safari Lodge Tanzania – Tour and Review

Du Lịch

Join me on a tour and review of the Serengeti Sopa Game and Safari lodge in the Serengeti National park in Tanzania. In this video I show you around the public areas as well as the grounds and the standard room (number 55 I stayed in). This lodge has incredible views across the Eastern Plains of the Serengeti and is ideally located for game viewing.

I visited and stayed as part of a Titan Travel “Wild Plains of Tanzania” safari tour. See my other videos for other lodges I stayed at and get more on Tanzania and safari at
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3 thoughts on “Serengeti Sopa Game and Safari Lodge Tanzania – Tour and Review

  1. Great video, and you are right those views are absolutely stunning. Would love to be able to have a cup of Joe and watch the sunrise every morning before heading out. Great info!

  2. That gate brings back chills. Such an amazing experience visiting the Serengeti and the access to big cats…never seen anything like it.

  3. Fabulous vistas! It would be also quite interesting to see how the gym looks like and have a glimpse of the buffet food served!!!

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