The Board Room Game Cafe


I had a chance to visit The Board Room Game Cafe and shoot some video there at their grand opening.

The Board Room Game Cafe is the first and only cafe of its kind in the Maritimes, Canada. Open on Barrington St in Halifax, Nova Scotia, they feature a large Board Gaming area with a collection of 400+ games to play (teachers included!), The Board Room is a unique experience with espresso drinks, locally crafted beer and soda, tasty sandwiches, snacks and a retail area. For $5 per person, you can play as many games as you want, and for regular gamers, every 5th visit is free, via their handy Meeple stamp card!

Bringing your own games is also encouraged, though the $5 fee still applies as you are using the space for gaming.

They are a licensed establishment, and access is restricted to those over 19 years of age during all hours of operation.

Find them:
Twitter: @Board_Room_Cafe

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  1. Hi. First question, are you still working? Second, how do think is it possible to open game store in small city about 60k population. Thanks!)

  2. Great video and the cafe looks like a lot of fun. Jealous! Wonder how something like this would work here in Dallas…

  3. Hey Rodney, I discover something fantastic in this video. Is there a game called ´La Boca´?… It appears many times in the video. Is that name because of the town here near my home, in Buenos Aires Argentina, that we call La Boca?, I think yes, because at the cover of the game apear several coloured houses, and here La Boca, the real houses are like that, different primary colours. I will investigate, may be I am wrong, but… amazing, I never saw a game called La Boca here, so may be is something you have in Canada and we don´t even know it here at few blocks of La Boca… great! Here some data of our town

  4. Beer, food, and games!  What more does a gamer need.    I always did want to see Nova Scotia this is just a plus.  I may just have to get a passport.

  5. Damn, i wish there was one of these close by here. Well i guess i could always keep this in mind for when im bored with my current job 😛 Would be a fun job 🙂

  6. Hey Rodney. I mentioned before that I am originalky from Halifax UK. Well I'm just pleased to tell you that Halifax CA looks a lot more sophisticated. Halifax UK is very northern. I suspect that most of its inhabitants would be deeply suspicious of all this 'gaming' LoL.

  7. this place looks awsome! wish there was one near me 🙁 seeing this video makes me wonder if you could do a video on breaking into and working in the table top gaming industry, from big companies like GW, FFG and BOW to shops, clubs, videos and cafes. always been interested in the industry but would'nt know just what is out there. love the channel keep it up!

  8. Wish we had a place like that in England, unfortunately over the people who games over here have a deodorant problem

  9. Love it. Thanks for making this video Rodney. I would so be a regular here if I lived near the area.

  10. I love this idea.  There is a Kickstarter for something similar to this in Orlando Florida.  I'd love to have something like this in Jacksonville.  Right now we only have the Magic-type game rooms but they're not full service like this.

  11. Makes me want to visit Canada! What's the warmest month up there?
    I don't think we have anything like that in PR.
    Maybe if I hit the lotto I can start one…

  12. This is awesome. Near my place there is a café in which you may play games; but there is no game-buying-option available …

    Also I really like the interior of your Board Room Game Cafe. Looks very nice and comfortable.


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